2021 Liechtenstein general election

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2021 Liechtenstein general election
← 2017 February 2021

All 25 seats of the Landtag
13 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader Current seats
Progressive Citizens' Party Adrian Hasler 9
Patriotic Union (Liechtenstein) Günther Fritz 8
The Independents (Liechtenstein) Harry Quaderer 5
Free List (Liechtenstein) Conny Büchel Brühwiler
Pepo Frick
Incumbent Prime Minister
Adrian Hasler
Progressive Citizens' Party

General elections are scheduled to be held in Liechtenstein in February 2021 to elect the 25 members of the Landtag.[1]

Electoral systemEdit

The 25 members of the Landtag are elected by open list proportional representation from two constituencies, Oberland with 15 seats and Unterland with 10 seats. The electoral threshold is 8%.[2]


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