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Wikiafripedia is an encyclopedia brought to you by a vibrant community of volunteers, content marketers and paid contributors. Our mission is to share accepted knowledge to benefit people who want to learn, without abandoning those who contributes knowledge by allowing Afripedians to monetize traffic to their articles through advertising.

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As a general purpose, online encyclopedia, Wikiafripedia allows you to write about any topic that is notable, using verifiable information, in a neutral tone. Although, the project also accommodates scholarly works such as origin research, but these are in the scholar namespaces, which is not part of the encyclopedia mainspace. Wikiafripedia is accessible to all, and have been read by many, even teenagers again-and-again. At present, There are 3 active contributors, who have contributed about 32,855 articles in English. Wikiafripedia is rich in content, diverse in knowledge, reliable in time and free of charge. The Wikiafripedia project is supported by the nonprofit Wikiafrimedia Foundation. learn more.

Introduction to Wikiafripedia

Welcome to Wikiafripedia! Anyone can edit almost every page, and many already have.

This page takes you through a set of tutorials aimed at complete newcomers interested in contributing. It covers all the basics needed to navigate, comment on, and contribute to Wikiafripedia articles.

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Policies and Guidelines

The Wiki markup source editor shows the underlying page source code, and works like a plain text file. Links and other items are indicated using simple code like this: [[Earth]].

Talk pages

VisualEditor works more like a word processor and hides the underlying source code. Links and other items are edited using toolbar and pop-up interfaces.


Navigating Wikiafripedia
Manual of Style

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For more training information, see also:

Full help contents page
Training for students
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Resources for new editors

Experience editor
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If you already have experience with editing, you can use our article wizard to create new articles. In just a few steps, you'll be on your way to contributing to Wikiafripedia.


Original Research
Wikiafripedia articles in mainspace must not contain origin research. Articles such as a undergraduate research, thesis or dissertation which contain new analysis or synthesis of published material that serves to reach or imply a conclusion not clearly stated by the sources themselves should be copywriten in a scholar namespace, where it might serve as a learning point to future researchers.

WikiLoves Passion
Writing an article is not the same as Copywriting your research - It can take time or a lot of work in a short time, especially when following content policies like Wikiafripedia:Core content policies to ensure that only verifiable knowledge is published. As such, many people especially those in developing countries might hoard knowledge if not properly motivated, which explains why pure charity Wikis generally lacked in-depth coverage for knowledge in these areas. It is totally understandable, which is why we encourage you to monetize your contents, that you may find the benefits of publishing better articles on Wikiafripedia where other encyclopedias maybe lacking. We will be happy to see more contributions from South-east Asia and Africa.
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