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1995 J.League

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The J.League 1995 season is the third season of the J.League Division 1. The league fixture began on March 18, 1995, and ended on November (date), 1995. The Suntory Championship '95 took place on November 30 and December 6, 1995.

Honours[edit source | edit]

Competition Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place
League competition
J.League Suntory Series Yokohama Marinos Verdy Kawasaki Urawa Red Diamonds
J.League NICOS Series Verdy Kawasaki Grampus Yokohama Marinos
Suntory Championship Yokohama Marinos Verdy Kawaski n/a
Cup tournaments
Emperor's Cup Nogoya Grampus Eight Sanfrecce Hiroshima tba
Nabisco Cup Not held due to fixture congestion
XEROX Super Cup Verdy Kawasaki Belmare Hiratsuka n/a

1995 J.League clubs[edit source | edit]

Following fourteen clubs participated in J.League during 1995 season. Of these clubs, Kashiwa Reysol, and Cerezo Osaka were newly promoted from Japan Football League (former).

1995 J.League format[edit source | edit]

In the 1995 season, the league followed split-season format, and each halves (or stages) were known as Suntory Series and NICOS Series for sponsorship purposes. In each series, fourteen clubs played in double round-robin format, a total of 26 games per club (per series). The games went to golden-goal extra time and penalties if needed after regulation. The points system is introduced for the first time and a club received 3pts for any win, 1pts for PK loss, and 0pts for regulation or extra time loss. The clubs were ranked by points and tie breakers are, in the following order:

  • Goal differential
  • Goals scored
  • Head-to-head results
  • Extra match or a coin toss

The club that finished at the top of the table is declared stage champion and qualifies for the Suntory Championship. The first stage winner, hosts the first leg in the championship series. If the same club win both stages, the runners-up of each stages plays against each other and the winners challenges the stage winner at the championship game.

Changes in Competition Format
  • Number of competing clubs increased from 12 to 14
  • Number of games per club in a series increased from 22 to 26 games and from 44 to 52 games per season
  • Points system were introduced
  • Due to fixture congestion, Yamazaki Nabisco Cup was canceled that year

1995 J.League final standings[edit source | edit]

Suntory Series (1st Stage) standings[edit source | edit]

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NICOS Series (2nd stage) standings[edit source | edit]

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1995 Suntory Championship[edit source | edit]

Template:Football box

Template:Football box Yokohama Marinos won the series 2–0 on aggregate.

Overall standings[edit source | edit]

Golden Boot ranking[edit source | edit]

Golden Boot standings after Suntory Series (1st Stage)
Rank Scorer Club Goals
1 Italy Salvatore Schillaci Júblio Iwata 24
2 Japan Koji Noguchi Bellmare Hiratsuka 16
3 Japan Masahiro Fukuda Urawa Red Diamonds 15
Brazil Betinho Bellmare Hiratsuka 15
Panama Valdes Cerezo Osaka 15
6 Japan Nobuhiro Takeda Verdy Kawasaki 13
Ukraine Oleh Protasov Gamba Osaka 13
8 Germany Uwe Bein Urawa Red Diamonds 11
Argentina David Bisconti Yokohama Marinos 11
Brazil Toninho Shimizu S-Pulse 11
Overall Golden Boot ranking
Rank Scorer Club Goals
1 Japan Masahiro Fukuda Urawa Red Diamonds 32
2 Italy Salvatore Schillaci Júblio Iwata 31
3 Argentina David Bisconti Yokohama Marinos 27
4 Brazil Betinho Bellmare Hiratsuka 25
5 Japan Kazuyoshi Miura Verdy Kawasaki 23
Japan Koji Noguchi Bellmare Hiratsuka 23
7 New Zealand Wynton Rufer JEF United Ichihara 21
Argentina Ramón Medina Bello Yokohama Marinos 21
9 Japan Nobuhiro Takeda Verdy Kawasaki 20
Netherlands Hans Gillhaus Gamba Osaka 20

Awards[edit source | edit]

Individual Awards[edit source | edit]

Award Recipient Club Notes
Most Valuable Player Template:Country data Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Dragan Stojković Nagoya Grampus Eight
Rookie of the Year Japan Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi Yokohama Marinos
Manager of the Year France Arsène Wenger Nagoya Grampus Eight
Top Scorer Japan Masahiro Fukuda Urawa Red Diamonds 32 goals.

Best Eleven[edit source | edit]

Position Footballer Club Nationality
GK Shinkichi Kikuchi Verdy Kawasaki Template:Fb
DF Naoki Soma Kashima Antlers Template:Fb
DF Masami Ihara Yokohama Marinos Template:Fb
DF Masaharu Suzuki Yokohama Marinos Template:Fb
DF Guido Buchwald Urawa Red Diamonds Template:Fb
MF Tetsuji Hashiratani Verdy Kawasaki Template:Fb
MF Bismarck Verdy Kawasaki Template:Fb
FW Masahiro Fukuda Urawa Red Diamonds Template:Fb
FW Kazuyoshi Miura Verdy Kawasaki Template:Fb
FW Dragan Stojković Nagoya Grampus Eight Template:FR-YUG
FW Hiroaki Morishima Cerezo Osaka Template:Fb

Attendance[edit source | edit]

External links[edit source | edit]

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