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The 2015 Meiji Yasuda J2 League (2015 明治安田生命J2リーグ)[1] season was the 44th season of the second-tier club football in Japan and the 17th season since the establishment of J2 League. The season began on 8 March 2015 and ended on 23 November 2015.

Clubs[edit source | edit]

Shonan Bellmare have stayed in the second division for just a year, winning promotion as the champions. Matsumoto Yamaga have spent only 3 seasons in J2 after promoted from Japan Football League in 2012, becoming the first club based in Nagano Prefecture which have promoted to the top flight. Sixth-placed Montedio Yamagata won the promotion playoffs and will return in the first division after playing in the J2 for 3 years. Tokushima Vortis were relegated from the J1 immediately after their inaugural promotion, while Cerezo Osaka and Omiya Ardija have suffered relegation respectively after five and ten years from their last presence in J2.

On the other end of the table, Zweigen Kanazawa have been promoted from 2014 J3 League as the champions of the inaugural season of the J3 League, replacing relegated Kataller Toyama.

Template:J2 League map 2015 The participating clubs are listed in the following table:

Club Name Home Town(s) Note(s)
Omiya Ardija Omiya, Saitama Relegated from J1 League in 2014
Avispa Fukuoka Fukuoka
Cerezo Osaka Osaka Relegated from J1 League in 2014
Consadole Sapporo Sapporo, Hokkaidō
Ehime FC All cities/towns in Ehime
Fagiano Okayama All cities/towns in Okayama
FC Gifu All cities/towns in Gifu
Giravanz Kitakyushu Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Not eligible for J1 promotion
Mito HollyHock Mito, Ibaraki Not eligible for J1 promotion
JEF United Chiba Chiba & Ichihara, Chiba 2014 J2 League 2014 Play-off finalist
Júbilo Iwata Iwata, Shizuoka 2014 J2 League 2014 Play-off contestant
Kamatamare Sanuki Takamatsu, Kagawa Kagawa Not eligible for J1 promotion
Roasso Kumamoto Kumamoto
Kyoto Sanga Southwestern cities/towns in Kyoto
Thespakusatsu Gunma All cities/towns in Gunma Not eligible for J1 promotion
Tochigi SC Utsunomiya, Tochigi
Oita Trinita Ōita
V-Varen Nagasaki All cities/towns in Nagasaki
Tokyo Verdy All cities/towns in Tokyo
Tokushima Vortis All cities/towns in Tokushima Relegated from J1 League 2014
Yokohama FC Yokohama, Kanagawa
Zweigen Kanazawa Kanazawa Promoted from J3 League 2014

Managerial changes[edit source | edit]

Team Outgoing manager Date of separation Manner of departure Incoming manager Date of announcement
Oita Trinita Japan Kazuaki Tasaka 1 June Sacked[2] Japan Nobuaki Yanagida 2 July
Mito HollyHock Japan Tetsuji Hashiratani 7 June Sacked[3] Japan Takayuki Nishigaya 27 June
Kyoto Sanga Japan Masahiro Wada 10 July Sacked[4] Japan Kiyotaka Ishimaru 10 July
Tochigi SC Japan Yuji Sakakura 20 July Resigned[5] Japan Yasuharu Kurata 21 July
Consadole Sapporo Croatia Ivica Barbarić 24 July Resigned[6] Japan Shuhei Yomoda 24 July
Yokohama FC Template:Country data SVN Miloš Rus 15 September Resigned[7] Japan Hitoshi Nakata 15 September[8]
Cerezo Osaka Brazil Paulo Autuori 17 November Sacked[9] Japan Kiyoshi Okuma 17 November[10]

Foreign players[edit source | edit]

Club Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Asian Player Non-Visa Foreign Type-C Contract
Omiya Ardija Brazil Carlinhos Paraiba Brazil Mateus Serbia Dragan Mrđa
Avispa Fukuoka Brazil Moisés Brazil Wellington South Korea Lee Kwang-seon
Cerezo Osaka Brazil Edmílson Brazil Magno Cruz Brazil Pablo Felipe South Korea Kim Jin-hyeon
Consadole Sapporo Brazil Nildo Brazil Paulão Colombia Cristian Nazarit South Korea Gu Sung-yun Indonesia Irfan Bachdim
Ehime FC South Korea Park Chan-yong South Korea Gang Yoon-goo South Korea Park Seong-su
Fagiano Okayama South Korea Hwang Jin-sung
FC Gifu Brazil Gilsinho Brazil Henik Brazil Leo Mineiro North Korea Yun Chang-su
Giravanz Kitakyushu
Mito HollyHock South Korea Song Ju-hun South Korea Park Kwang-il North Korea Kim Song-gi
JEF United Chiba Brazil Paulinho Slovenia Nejc Pecnik South Korea Kim Hyun-hun North Korea An Byong-jun
Júbilo Iwata Brazil Adaílton England Jay Bothroyd Poland Krzysztof Kaminski
Kamatamare Sanuki Brazil Allan Brazil Evson France Andrea South Korea Han Chang-joo
Roasso Kumamoto Brazil Anderson South Korea Kweon Han-jin South Korea Kim Byeong-yeon
Kyoto Sanga Brazil Daniel Lovinho Brazil Ferro Serbia Miloš Bajalica South Korea Kim Nam-il South Korea Hwang Te-song
Thespakusatsu Gunma Brazil Acleisson Brazil Hugo Brazil Tanque South Korea Yoon Young-seung North Korea Hwang Song-su Brazil Kaique
Tochigi SC Brazil Jhonatan South Korea Han Hee-hoon South Korea Lee Joo-young South Korea Park Hyung-jin
Oita Trinita Brazil Daniel Brazil Evandro Brazil Paulinho South Korea Kim Jeong-hyun
Tokyo Verdy Brazil Alan Pinheiro Brazil Bruno Coutinho Brazil Weslley South Korea Ko Kyung-joon
V-Varen Nagasaki South Korea Cho Min-woo South Korea Lee Yong-jae North Korea Ri Yong-jik
Tokushima Vortis Brazil Alex Colombia Estiven South Korea Kim Kyung-jung South Korea Kim Jong-min South Korea Son Se-hwan
Yokohama FC Slovenia Rok Štraus South Korea Bae Hu-min South Korea Park Tae-hong South Korea Na Sung-soo North Korea An Yong-hak
Zweigen Kanazawa Brazil Jean Moser Brazil Mendes South Korea Cha Young-hwan

League table[edit source | edit]

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Results[edit source | edit]

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Play-offs[edit source | edit]

J1 Promotion Playoffs[edit source | edit]


Semifinals[edit source | edit]

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Final[edit source | edit]

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J3 Relegation Playoffs[edit source | edit]

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Top scorers[edit source | edit]

Rank Scorer Club Goals
1 England Jay Bothroyd Júbilo Iwata
2 Serbia Dragan Mrdja Omiya Ardija
3 Japan Rui Komatsu Giravanz Kitakyushu
4 Brazil Adailton Júbilo Iwata
5 Japan Masashi Oguro Kyoto Sanga
6 Template:Country data SVN Nejc Pečnik JEF United Chiba
7 Japan Ken Tokura Consadole Sapporo
Japan Ataru Esaka Thespa Kusatsu
Japan Shohei Kiyohara Zweigen Kanazawa
Japan Kazuki Hara Giravanz Kitakyushu
11 Japan Hiroaki Namba FC Gifu
Japan Kazuki Saito Roasso Kumamoto
13 Japan Akihiro Ienaga Omiya Ardija
Japan Kazuhisa Kawahara Ehime FC
15 Japan Keiya Nakami Tochigi SC
Japan Shuto Minami Tokyo Verdy
Template:Country data URU Diego Forlán Cerezo Osaka
Japan Keiji Tamada Cerezo Osaka

Updated to games played on 23 November 2015
Source: Meiji Yasuda J2 League Stats & Data - Ranking:Goals

Attendances[edit source | edit]

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