2017 timeline of the War in Somalia

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This is a 2017 timeline of events in the Somali Civil War (2009–present).

General map of Somalia


January[edit source | edit]

February[edit source | edit]

  • February 8 – Unidentified gunmen raid a hotel in Bosaso killing four guards and 2 militants. Officials blame al-Shabaab although the group denied having orchestrated the attack.[3]
  • February 19 – A car bomb explodes outside a market in the Wadajir District, killing at least 39 people and injuring 50 more.[4]
  • February 27 – A car bomb explodes near Mogadishu's army checkout point wounding 4 Somali soldiers after al-Shabaab vows an attack.[5]

March[edit source | edit]

  • March 13 – At least 6 people are killed and four others wounded from a vehicle filled with explosives exploding near a hotel in Mogadishu.[6]
  • March 14 – Pirates seize a United Arab Emirates owned oil tanker, Aris 13, kidnapping 8 Sri Lankan crew members. This is the first incident of piracy off the coast since 2012.[7]
  • March 16 – The pirates that seized Aris 13 free the vessel without a ransom.[8]
  • March 21 – A car bomb explodes outside President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed's official residence at Villa Somalia, killing at least five people.[9]

April[edit source | edit]

  • April 3 – Somali pirates hijack an Indian owned cargo ship off the coast of Puntland.[10]
  • April 7 – A mortar attack suspected to have been perpetrated by al-Shabaab kills three civilians and injures five more in the Wadajir District.[11]
  • April 9 – An al-Shabaab car bomb outside the Ministry of Defence in Mogadishu kills 15 people.[12]
  • April 10 – An al-Shabaab militant kills 9 soldiers in a suicide bomb attack in a military training camp in Mogadishu.[13]
  • April 14 – The United States begins deploying troops to help the Somali government fight al-Shabaab, the first time since 1994.[14]

May[edit source | edit]

  • May 3 – Somali Public Works Minister Abbas Abdullahi Sheikh Siraji is shot dead by Somali forces mistaking him for a militant.[15]
  • May 6 – A United States Navy SEAL is killed and three others injured in a gunfight with al-Shabaab in Mogadishu. This is the first time an American soldier was killed in combat in Somalia since 1993.[16]

June[edit source | edit]

  • June 8 – An al-Shabaab attack on a military base in Puntland leaves at least 70 people dead in what Somali officials call the deadliest attack in the country for years.[17]
  • June 14 – In Mogadishu, a suicide car bomb explodes outside Posh Treats, an eatery and night club also operating as a guest house.[18] Five al-Shabaab gunmen then raid Pizza House, a neighboring pizza restaurant and nightclub. The gunmen took hostages and holed up for 11 hours,[19] killing 31 civilians and five security force members in the process, many at point-blank range.[20] All five gunmen are ultimately killed by security forces.[21]

July[edit source | edit]

  • July 30 – A car bomb explodes near a police station in Mogadishu resulting in at least 6 fatalities and 13 injuries.[22]

September[edit source | edit]

  • September 29 – At least 15 soldiers are killed in an al-Shabaab raid on a Somali military base in Mogadishu.[23]

October[edit source | edit]

  • October 14 – A truck bomb exploded outside the Safari Hotel in Mogadishu; at least 587 people are confirmed to have been killed in one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the country to date.[24]
  • October 28 – An explosion from a truck bomb occurred in Mogadishu. There were two more explosions, one from a suicide bomber. These bombings killed at least 25 people and injured 30.[25][26]

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