2020 Assam Gas and Oil Leak

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The 2020 Assam Gas and Oil Leak, also referred as Tinsukia gas leak or Baghjan gas leak, is an petroleum gas and oil leak that happened in Oil India Limited's Baghjan Oilfield in Tinsukia district, Assam, India on 27 May 2020. It occurred due to failing pressure systems in the oil well. Thousands of people and several villages were evacuated.[1][2] There have been reported deaths of several aquatic animals in nearby region. As of 5 June 2020, the gas is still leaking uncontrollably.[3] A team of experts from a Singapore-based firm were called to inspect the situation.[2][4]

Fire[edit source | edit]

On 9 June 2020, the oil well caught fire. The fire quickly spread to a larger area and burned down nearby trees, crops and houses.[5] The fire also resulted in death of two employes.[6]

Evacuation[edit source | edit]

Thousands of people are being evacuated and National Disaster Response Force has been deployed in the area. Indian Air Force and Indian Army are also assisting.[7]

References[edit source | edit]

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