2020 Egyptian Senate election

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Senate elections are scheduled to be held in Egypt on 11 and 12 August 2020, with the diaspora voting on 9 and 10 August.[1]

Background[edit source | edit]

Shura Council elections were scheduled to take place in Egypt at most a year after the new House of Representatives was seated, according to Article 230 of the Egyptian Constitution of 2012.[2] The election did not take place because the Shura Council was abolished in the 2014 constitution.[3][4]

However, in 2019, after the 2019 Egyptian constitutional referendum, further amendments made the parliament a bicameral body, with the Shura Council (which was abolished in 2014) restored as the Senate, which would consist of at least 120 elected members and 60 appointed by the president.[5] The House later fixed the numbers at 300 senators, with one third appointed, one third directly elected in single member constituencies, and the last third directly elected as well, under a party list system.[6]

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