2020 Kiribati parliamentary election

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2020 Kiribati parliamentary election

← 2015–16 14 April 2020 (first round)
21 April 2020 (second round)

All 44 seats in the House of Assembly
23 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Party TKP Pillars of Truth Kiribati First Party
Last election 31 seats 13 seats New

Speaker before election

Tebuai Uaai
Tobwaan Kiribati Party

Elected Speaker

Tangariki Reete
Pillars of Truth

Parliamentary elections in Kiribati were originally planned on 7 April 2020, with a second round of voting to be held on 15 April 2020.[1] However, in late March the Electoral Commission changed the voting date to 14 April 2020,[2] with a second round on 21 April 2020.[3]

The elections resulted in President Taneti Maamau's pro-China Tobwaan Kiribati Party losing a majority in parliament to parties either supportive of Taiwan or critical of his handling of diplomatic recognition of China.[4] But on 26 May, the 44 MPs were equally divided on 2 benches : 22 MPs supporting the new Boutokaan Kiribati Moa Party and the 22 MPs of the former majority.

Electoral system[edit source | edit]

Of the 45 members of the Maneaba ni Maungatabu, 44 are elected in 23 single- and multi-member constituencies (seven with one seat, eleven with two seats and five with three seats)[5] using a modified two-round system. The other member of the Maneaba is chosen by the Rabi Council of Leaders to represent the Banaban community on Rabi Island in Fiji.[6] The Speaker is elected after the elections, from outside the Maneaba, and does not participate in votes.[7]

Voters have as many votes to cast as the number of seats in their constituencies. In the first round a candidate is elected if he or she receives more than 50% of the ballots cast.[5] Where not all seats are filled, a second round is held with the number of candidates being equal to the number of seats remaining to be filled plus two, with those who received the fewest votes in the first round being eliminated. A tie in the second round results in a third round of voting.[6]

The first meeting of the new session will be on 22 May.

Results[edit source | edit]

Party First round Second round Total
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
Pillars of Truth
Tobwaan Kiribati Party
Kiribati First Party
Speaker 1 0
Invalid/blank votes
Total 46 0
Registered voters/turnout 44,929 44,929
Source: Radio Kiribati

List of elected members[edit source | edit]

Members of the 12th Parliament of Kiribati[8]
Constituency Political party[9] Member Assumed office Notes[10]
Makin Tobwaan Kiribati Party James Toam
Pillars of Truth Pinto Katia
Butaritari Tobwaan Kiribati Party Alexander Teabo
Kiribati First Party Tinian Reiher
Marakei Tobwaan Kiribati Party Ruateki Tekaiara
Moannata Ientaake New MP
Abaiang Pillars of Truth Kautu Tenaua
Tobwaan Kiribati Party Teuea Toatu Current Vice-President of Kiribati
Betero Atanibora New MP
North Tarawa Harry Tekaiti New MP
Terieta Mwemwenikeaki New MP
Pillars of Truth Boutu Bateriki
South Tarawa Taabeta Teakai New MP
Pillars of Truth Shiu-Fung Jong
Tobwaan Kiribati Party Taoaba Kaiea
Betio Tinte Itinteang New MP
Tobwaan Kiribati Party Ioteba Redfern
Tobwaan Kiribati Party Tebao Awerika
Maiana Koraubati Remuera New MP
Pillars of Truth Vincent Tong New MP
Kuria Kiribati First Party Banuera Berina
Aranuka Martin Moreti Returning MP
Abemama Tobwaan Kiribati Party Willie Tokataake
Tessie Lambourne New MP
Nonouti Pillars of Truth Ieremia Tabai First President of Kiribati
Kiribati First Party Bonteman Tabera
Tabiteuea North Pillars of Truth Taberannang Timeon
Tarakabu Martin New MP
Tabiteuea South Booti Nauan New MP
Onotoa Tobwaan Kiribati Party Taneti Mamau 5th President of Kiribati
Taiaki Irata New MP
Beru Bataromaio Kiritian New MP
Pillars of Truth England Iuta
Nikunau Tobwaan Kiribati Party Tauanei Marea
Ribanataake Tiwau New MP
Tamana Tobwaan Kiribati Party Tekeeua Tarati
Arorae Pillars of Truth Teima Onorio Former Vice-President of Kiribati
Kiritimati Tobwaan Kiribati Party Mikarite Temari
Kiribati First Party Jacob Teem
Bakaia Kiabo New MP
Tabuaeran Kiribati First Party Tekiau Aretateta
Kiribati First Party Tewaaki Kobae
Teraina Kiribati First Party Nantongo Timeon
Banaba Kiribati First Party Tibanga Taratai
Rabi Island

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