2020 Mongolian legislative election

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Parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held in Mongolia on 24 June 2020.[1][2]

Electoral system[edit source | edit]

The 76 members of the State Great Khural will be elected by plurality-at-large voting in multi-member constituencies. The electoral system was not decided until a new electoral law was passed on 22 December 2019.[3] The changes were expected to marginalise smaller parties, and also effectively removed the right of 150,000 Mongolian expatriates to vote, as they could not be registered in a specific constituency.[3][4] The new electoral law also barred people found guilty of "corrupt practices" from standing in elections.[3]

Women's right activists called for raising gender quota for nominations from 20% to 30% but they failed.[5] Currently, female legislators make up 17% (13 seats) in the parliament, the highest number since the first democratic elections in 1990.

Parties and coalitions[edit source | edit]

The following parties who contested in the prior elections have stated their intent to run (ordered by number of seats obtained in the prior elections):

New entrants[edit source | edit]

The following parties which were legally registered, but did not take part in the prior elections, are eligible to run:

Coalitions[edit source | edit]

On 15 January 2020, the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party signed a memorandum of understanding with the Mongolian Green Party. On 20 March, the Civil Will–Green Party signed a memorandum of understanding as well. The three parties will run as a coalition in the upcoming elections, and have stated that if the coalition remains intact, for the 2021 presidential elections as well.[6]

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