2021 Kilmarnock incidents

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2021 Kilmarnock incidents
File:Crosshouse Hospital incident, 2021.jpg
Police Scotland officers attend the scene at University Hospital Crosshouse
Kilmarnock incident map.png
(1) University Hospital Crosshouse where the first stabbing took place.
(2) The Kilmarnock railway viaduct where the second stabbing took place.
(3) Vehicle crash near the A76 road which was linked to the stabbings.
LocationKilmarnock, Scotland:
University Hospital Crosshouse
Kilmarnock railway viaduct
A76 road
Coordinates55°36′40″N 4°29′45″W / 55.61106°N 4.49571°W / 55.61106; -4.49571Coordinates: 55°36′40″N 4°29′45″W / 55.61106°N 4.49571°W / 55.61106; -4.49571
DateFebruary 4, 2021 (2021-02-04)
7:45pm–11:00pm (GMT)
Attack type

The 2021 Kilmarnock incidents occurred on 4 February 2021, when a 40-year man was involved in three separate incidents within Kilmarnock, a town in East Ayrshire, Scotland. The incidents which were quickly thought to be linked,[1] occurred at University Hospital Crosshouse, where two people, one a nurse working at the hospital, were stabbed,[2] the Kilmarnock railway viaduct where a second stabbing occurred, and a road just off the A76, where there was a serious road collision.

Armed Police Scotland officers attended the scene at University Hospital Crosshouse before putting the site into a police lockdown.[2] Police Scotland Ayrshire division had ruled out any connection to the attacks being terrorism related.[3]

On 5 February 2021, police confirmed that a woman who was stabbed outside University Hospital Crosshouse had died as a result of her injuries, whilst her daughter, a 24 year old woman, who was stabbed at Portland Street also died as a result of her injuries. The man also later died following his injuries as a result of crashing his car on a road off the A76.[4]

Timeline of events[edit source | edit]

University Hospital Crosshouse[edit source | edit]

On the evening of 4 February 2021, a 39-year-old nurse working at the University Hospital Crosshouse was stabbed at the structure's car park, and was decleared dead at the scene. The hospital was then placed under a police lockdown on 4 February 2021 after the incident. All ambulance and hospital traffic was diverted to University Hospital Ayr as a result of the incident.[5] Following the incident, University Hospital Crosshouse was locked down for three hours as police attempted to deal with the situation.[5][6][7][8]

After 11:00pm on 4 February 2021, NHS Ayrshire and Arran confirmed that the lockdown in place at the hospital had been lifted and it was safe for staff and patients to come, though a large police presence would remain on the scene.[9][10]

Police reported that an incident occurred at outside the Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock around 19:45 GMT.[11] A nurse was confirmed stabbed. Police Scotland announced that the stabbing was not being treated as a terrorist incident.[12]

Kilmarnock railway viaduct[edit source | edit]

Around 20 minutes following the attack at University Hospital Crosshouse, a second stabbing occurred at the Kilmarnock railway viaduct at 8:05pm, nearby to the hospital. A 24-year-old woman was critically wounded and hospitalised, but later died in hospital after soccumbing to her wounds.[13] Portland Street, where the viaduct is situated, was cornered off by police attending the scene, with all traffic being diverted away from the area.[14] The public were strongly urged to stay away from the area.[15][16]

A76 road[edit source | edit]

At around 8:30pm, an hour following the first incident at University Hospital Crosshouse, police responded to a "serious road collision" just off the A76 road, south of Kilmarnock. A 40-year-old man, alleged to have carried out the stabbings, died in the crash. After the crash, police confirmed it is not looking for anyone else as part of the investigation and there is no ongoing threat to the public.[17][18][16]

Response[edit source | edit]

A statement issued from Police Scotland noted that "Officers in Kilmarnock are currently dealing with two serious incidents in the town at this time, one at Crosshouse Hospital and a second in Portland Street. These areas are cordoned off and the public are asked to avoid them at this time."[8] In a statement, Crawford McGuffie, medical director at NHS Ayrshire and Arran, said: "NHS Ayrshire and Arran is aware of an incident in the grounds of University Hospital Crosshouse. As a result, the hospital has been under lockdown, and ambulances diverted to University Hospital Ayr. We are assisting Police Scotland with their investigations, and to ensure the safety of staff, patients and visitors. As this is a Police Scotland incident, we are unable to comment any further at this time."[8]

NHS Ayrshire and Arran issued assurance that the risk to the public was deemed to be "minimal", leading to the lockdown being lifted at University Hospital Crosshouse several hours later. In an additional statement, Crawford McGuffie said "We would like to reassure anyone coming to the hospital, in particular to any patients or staff coming on shift, that Police Scotland have confirmed it is safe to do so. However, if you are worried, please speak to the onsite Police Scotland officers."[10]

In a statement on 5 February 2021, a Police Scotland spokesperson said "A number of locations remain cordoned off as officers continue to conduct inquiries. We are working to confirm the full circumstances of what has happened. Understandably, people will be shocked by what has happened. We are still in the process of establishing the full circumstances, however, I would like to reassure people that there is no wider threat to the community."[4]

Reactions[edit source | edit]

The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon responded immediately after the incident was declared and told people to follow police guidance. She sent out her condolences to those affected and shared her gratitude towards the emergency services and told the public to continue following police advice.[19]

The Deputy First Minister of Scotland, John Swinney, sent his condolences to the family and friends of those affected at the beginning of the Scottish Government's daily coronavirus briefing. Other ministers from the Scottish Government such as Jeane Freeman, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport and Humza Yousaf, Cabinet Secretary for Justice also shared their thoughts with those affected and told the public to follow police guidance.[20][21]

Other politicians who publicly expressed their condolences were Douglas Ross MP for Moray, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Monica Lennon MSP for Central Scotland and 2021 Scottish Labour leadership election contender andBarry Douglas, local councillor for the Kilmarnock East and Hurlford ward of East Ayrshire Council tweeted "thoughts are with everyone involved in the incidents that have taken place."[22][23]

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