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2021 Kosovan parliamentary election

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2021 Kosovan parliamentary election
← 2019 14 February 2021

All 120 seats in the Assembly
61 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader Current seats
scope="row" style="background-color: transparent; border-left: 4px solid Template:Democratic League of Kosovo/meta/color; font-weight: normal; text-align: left;" | LDKAKR Avdullah Hoti 30
scope="row" style="background-color: transparent; border-left: 4px solid Template:Vetëvendosje/meta/color; font-weight: normal; text-align: left;" | LVV Albin Kurti 29
Democratic Party of Kosovo Enver Hoxhaj 24
AAK Ramush Haradinaj 13
Serb List (Kosovo) Goran Rakić 10
NISMA Fatmir Limaj 4
Vakat Coalition Rasim Demiri 2
Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo Fikrim Damka 2
PLE Veton Berisha 1
NDS Emilija Redžepi 1
PDAK Danush Ademi 1
JGP Adem Hodža 1
PREBK Albert Kinolli 1
Incumbent PM
Avdullah Hoti

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Legislative elections are scheduled to be held in Kosovo on 14 February 2021.

Background[edit source | edit]

The October 2019 parliamentary elections saw opposition party Vetëvendosje emerge as the largest faction in parliament, finishing just ahead of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK). The two parties formed a new government on 3 February 2020, with Vetëvendosje leader Albin Kurti as the Prime Minister. Kurti was elected Prime Minister with 66 votes and ten abstentions. The 34 opposition MPs boycotted the vote and left the Assembly building.

However, the coalition soon collapsed as the LDK filed a no-confidence motion on 25 March 2020 due to disagreements over how to handle the coronavirus pandemic, in which 82 members of the Assembly voted in favor of the motion. This was the first time a Kosovan government had fallen in such a manner. The Kurti cabinet continued in office as a caretaker government until 3 June 2020, when LDK leader Avdullah Hoti was elected Prime Minister by a vote of 61–24, with one abstention. Hoti's eligibility to be Prime Minister had been questioned by Kurti and Vetëvendosje on the grounds that a party cannot form a government without the party that won the most seats in the election. However, on 28 May, the Constitutional Court confirmed the LDK had the right to form a government without fresh elections. After the party that won the elections failed again to form a new government, the Court argued that Avdullah Hoti was eligible to proceed to be voted on by the Parliament as the new PM of the Republic of Kosovo.

On 21 December the Constitutional Court ruled that the vote of Etem Arifi of the minority Ashkali Party for Integration in favour of Hoti was invalid (as Arifi had been convicted of fraud) and consequently the government had not received the support of the majority of the Assembly.[1] As a result, fresh elections were called, with the Hoti government continuing as a caretaker government.

Electoral system[edit source | edit]

The 120 members of the Assembly of Kosovo are elected by open list proportional representation, with 20 seats reserved for national minorities.[2]

An electoral threshold of 5% is in place for non-minority parties. To form a government, a party must have a majority of 61 votes out of 120 seats.

Opinion polls[edit source | edit]

Pollster Date LVV V Osmani
LDK PDK AAK SL NISMA Other Lead Abstention
KOZMO 26–30 January 2021 53.6 16.0 17.4 7.2 [nb 1] 3.6 37.6 3.2
PIPOS 29 January 2021 43.8 17.2 21.1 7.0 [nb 1] 2.9 1.0 22.7 7.2
PIPOS 22 January 2021 44.2 17.35 20.4 7.15 [nb 1] 3.1 0.6 23.8 7.2
T7 & GE 22 January 2021 50.83 15.97 16.94 6.98 [nb 1] 2.95 33.89
Riinvest Analytics 11–17 January 2021 54.1 10.3 14.9 6.4 5.0 1.4 4.4 39.2 3.5
PIPOS 15 January 2021 41.6 3.0 16.3 20.1 7.5 [nb 1] 1.5 1.7 21.5 5.2
PIPOS 7 January 2021 41.4 3.2 15.7 20.8 8.6 [nb 1] 2.0 2.1 20.6 6.5
UBO Consulting 23 December 2020 46.2 14.9 16.0 7.0 2.5 3.5 1.0 30.2 1.9
2019 election 6 October 2019 26.2 24.5 21.2 11.5 6.4 5.0 5.0 1.7
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 Survey processed Albanian settlements only.

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