2021 in Malawi

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This article lists events from the year 2021 in Malawi.

Incumbents[edit source | edit]

Events[edit source | edit]

Ongoing – COVID-19 pandemic in Malawi

  • 12 January – President Chakwera declares a state of disaster amid a spike in coronavirus infections after two cabinet ministers die from COVID-19.[1]
  • 18 January – COVID-19 pandemic: The country goes under lockdown for the first time since the pandemic began. Malawi has recorded 12,470 coronavirus cases and 314 deaths, but there has been a 40% increase in infections in January.[2]

Deaths[edit source | edit]

  • 12 January
    • Lingson Belekanyama, politician, Local Government Minister; COVID-19.[1]
    • Sidik Mia, 56, politician, MP (2004–2014), Minister of Defence (2009–2010), Minister of Transport and Public Works (since 2020); COVID-19.[3]

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References[edit source | edit]

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