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29 Februari

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29 Februari
Directed byEdry Abdul Halim
Produced byNorman Abdul Halim
Edry Abdul Halim
Yusry Abdul Halim
Written byAhmad Afif Ridhauddin
StarringRemy Ishak
Jojo Goh
Izzue Islam
Release date
  • 30 August 2012 (2012-08-30) (Malaysia)
Running time
104 minutes
BudgetRM 3.5 million
Box officeRM 0.37 million

29 Februari is a Malaysian "fantasy biography"[1] and romance musical film produced by KRU Studios, touted as the country's first stereoscopic 3D theatrical release. Directed by Edry Abdul Halim, 29 Februari tells of a man who only ages once every four years due to being born on 29 February, resulting in him ageing far slower than his peers. The film was theatrically released in 3D and digital 2D format in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei on 30 August 2012.

Plot[edit source | edit]

In the night on the late 19th century, Halim bin Kasim (Riz Amin), an employee of the British colonial government, and his wife, Sakinah (Dian P. Ramlee) saw a shooting star in the sky. Halim wanted to make a wish, but Sakinah order to remember the indigenous Malays and not get carried away by the colonial culture.

On the morning of February 29, 1896, he received news that Sakinah already in labor, then rushed home from work to home to celebrate the birth of their son. Halim as his parents named Budi light. Unexpectedly, because of birth on the date falling just four years, he only increased the age of one year every four years, as if a curse.

Effects 'curse' that becomes increasingly significant, especially in 1941, Budi was supposed to be 45 years old still looks like a child as young teens. He was difficult to get along with kids 'peers' to know and fear will Budi privileges. At the end of 1941, Japanese invaded Malaya, causing Budi lost both parents were beheaded by the new colonial policy of "Asia for Asians" because it appears to conspire with the British.

Around the Declaration of Independence in 1957, Budi (Remy Ishak), which is in the midst of adolescence are selling wicker baskets with friends at home for orphans, Razak (Izzue Islam), which impaired. When colliding with a bag snatchers, he fell in love with the grazing season, namely Ho Lai Lai @ Lily (Jojo Goh).

The feeling of love is blossoming between John and Lily realized in the form of an appointment by the lake and a visit to the former residence ever, enlivened with songs composed by Bob himself humming love for Lily. However, this love affair is not appreciated by relatives Lily's family, especially her father, Mr. Ho (Chew Kin Wah); even more so in an attempt to deliver gifts and flowers to Lily's birthday in 1965, the presence of Lily Budi cause engagement ceremony with his family preferred fiancee, Alex became a mess.

Since then, he tries to repair his relationship with Lily with the blessing of his father, but eventually failed after Mr. Bob Ho dismissed the ring until cleft. Lily is determined to leave his family, causing his father to go against Budi in orphanages, so Budi itself driven by the host orphans (Nam Ron) . Chance for Budi reunited with Lily slowly diminished, until May 13 1969, Mr. Ho came to hide in a barber shop frequented by Budi and had delivered the news that Lily has been moved to Penang. Bob also received news that Razak had left the house orphans. This message encourages him to move to Penang.

Decades have passed, but the intent was not to be found Lily too. In 1985, when the new increased likuran years of age, Budi narrowly accidentally met Razak now having son (Ammar Ashraff) who are elderly and infirm deck wheezing.

In 2012, at the age of nearly 30 years, Remy as the owner of a flower shop aspires to reopen his home as homes. go chase one of his employees, Arif (Muniff Isa) that lately always come late to work, up to the Penang Hospital where he met with a wad marked with the name of Ho Lai Lai. Apparently, as the nephew of Lily elderly and dying because of end-stage cancer.

The meeting was originally dropped a heartbreaking Budi into a personal crisis which he had to deal with the 'curse' of elderly four years which makes it recalls the agony of having lost too many loved ones because of the age long. Nevertheless, he can handle it and mingle with the elderly and infirm Lily it's too late for that capable.

On the morning of the 55th Independence Day, he woke up after having dreamed of in shades of awesome that she and Lily would misfortune, but his own body already having health problems. With impatience, he ran to the hospital to be reunited with Lily for the last time, so it had to disrupt the Independence Day parade. Unfortunately, Budi hit by a car that never imagined in dreams to serious injuries and was rushed to the Penang Hospital where he had eye contact with Lily on a stretcher and tried to stretch rings chipped, but died on the way. A moment later, Lily history had ended.

Budi death cause the flower shop had closed. Arif hear from counsel for the late Lily that Budi had left his estate to Lily, so wise as the sole heir property Lily entitled to claim the legacy of Budi. Therefore, Arif advantage of this opportunity to inaugurate a new orphanage in the old house Budi it as a memento for Budi.

Ost[edit source | edit]

Kelip-Kelip (Fireflies) is the only song till now sung by Remy Ishak solely for the film.

Seperti Dulu from Forteen is also included in this film. Izzue Islam was a group member at the time. He also portrayed the Razak role, another actor of the film who contributed song for film soundtrack.

Notes and references[edit source | edit]

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