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Adsterra logo.jpeg
Adsterra publisher dashboard
Adsterra publisher dashboard
Developer(s)Adsterra Ltd
Initial releaseAugust 27, 2013; 7 years ago (2013-08-27)[1]
TypeOnline advertising

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Adsterra is originally a popunder advertising network, but now also a CPM and CPA keyword and banner advertising network that sales advertising space on a third party property like website or mobile application, directly to their advertisers without automating the process with contextual bots. Adsterra works by displaying its advertising banners, images ads, popunder window, web push, social bars, interstitials ads, direct links and video banners on a third party websites who have registered under their publisher program. Adsterra publishers get a 68% share of the cost per click for displaying Adsterra's client advertisements on their website. Adsterra advertising reaches 1.3M visitors across desktop and mobile web, in countries such as Indonesia, India, Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan. Pricing models they offer are CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPM on channels such as Display, Mobile, Native, Pops, Push, Social Advertising on Adsterra will allow advertiser to reach consumers in industries such as Gaming, Mobile App Installs, Health and Beauty, Entertainment, Retail, Technology, Sports, Financial Services, eCommerce, Dating. Adsterra works with Advertising technology companies such as DoubleClick.Net, AdRoll, Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Remarketing and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Some of Adsterra notable partners include AliExpress, StarGames, and Matomy Media Group[2] therefore, their advertisers can target audience with parameters such as Geo, Language, Device, OS, Browser, Mobile Carrier, Keyword, Time Targeting, Retargeting, User Lifetime, IP.

Adsterra offers a combination of technology and human intelligence or support. For example, when one registered with Adsterra, either as a publisher or an advertiser, the individual is assigned a personal account manager who can help to develop personalized solutions to address her specific needs to optimize her requested performance, regardless of which side of the transaction she's coming from. Also, targeting the right advertisers and right offers to promote on a publisher website or mobile app, is covered by the Adsterra optimization technology in real time. All that Adsterra publisher does is to add their domain, and generate the corresponding ad tag (ad code) for the ad format they would like to implement on their property. It takes just a couple clicks of the mouse clicks to submit a property for approval. Adsterra manually review and approved new property, it usually takes at most 48hours for Adsterra to provide feedback on a new site. But one can expedite the approval process by contacting the team through Skype or by opening a support ticket.[2]

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History[edit source | edit]

Adsterra was founded in 2013 by a team of about twenty (20) affiliate marketers and webmasters who were friends or colleagues in their university. At the outset, the company originally focuses on popunder advertising. Today, Adsterra has about a hundred and fifty (150) employees and some of them are professional IT personnels, experienced account managers, a risk management and policy team, and other skilled employees. Also, have a 3-level security system that prevent bot and malware traffic, many flexible advertising inventories (desktop and mobile display, native, pops, push and social ads) and specialty (online advertising, CPM, CPA, CPŠ”, CPO, PPI, affiliate marketing network, lead generation, mobile advertising, performance based marketing, advertising network, traffic source and online marketing) and advertising managers or support. [3] Adsterra headquarters is located at Falkland, Fife, United Kingdom and another notable office at Nicosia, Cyprus.[4]

Services[edit source | edit]

Adsterra services includes online advertising for desktop and mobile display, native, pops, push and social advertising. And Adsterra offers both self and Managed Services.

Specialties[edit source | edit]

Adsterra specializes on the following types of online advertising: CPM (Cost Per Millie), CPA (Cost Per Action), CPŠ” (Cost Per Click), CPO (Cost Per Offer), PPI, affiliate marketing network, lead generation, mobile advertising, performance based marketing, advertising network, traffic source and digital marketing.

Industry[edit source | edit]

Adsterra serves the following industries: Dating, ecommerce, entertainment, financial services, gaming, gambling, health and beauty, retail, sports, technology, mobile applications and pornographic.

Audience Targeting[edit source | edit]

Adsterra advertisers targets their audience with Geo, languages, devices, OS (Operating Systems), browsers, mobile carrier, keywords, time, retargeting, user lifetime and IP.

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Frequently Asked Questions[edit source | edit]

Where is Adsterra Headquarters?[edit source | edit]

Adsterra headquarters is located at Falkland, Fife , United Kingdom[3]and another notable office at Nicosia, Cyprus.[4]

How long does it take Adsterra to review and approved a new property?[edit source | edit]

Adsterra manually review and approved new property, it usually takes at most 48hours for Adsterra to manually review and provide feedback on a new site.[citation needed]

What is the difference between Adsterra and Google Ads?[edit source | edit]

The difference is that Google Ads or ads, both supports contextual advertising while Adsterra do not. That's, Google Ads and uses bots to automate both the bidding process for an advertising space and for serving advertisements using linguistics bots that serves advertisements automatically based on certain keywords found on the page that they are to serve ads. Also, Google Ads isn't running a referral program currently, but Adsterra does run referral earnings - If someone you referred registered as a publisher on Adsterra you will earn 5% commission from all the revenue generated by the publishers you refer to the network.[2]

What is the difference between AdSense and Adsterra?[edit source | edit]

The difference is that

  1. Adsterra would process $10 on Webmoney for their publisher, whereas Adsense payment threshold is $100 which might take some publishers quite sometime to reach. However, AdSense is much more versatile in payment methods as they offers more payment options like Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Western Union Quick Cash or Rapida than Adsterra. Payments on Adsterra are offered on a net-15 basis through their choice of withdrawal options, including Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal and WebMoney.
  2. Policy enforcement - Adsterra is much more liberal than Adsense.
  3. Publisher account verification - Adsterra does No phone and pin verifications; AdSense does.
  4. AdSense has stopped running a referral program currently, but Adsterra is currently running referral earnings - when a user you refered registered on Adsterra as a publisher the referer will earn 5% commission from all the revenue generated by the referee.[2]

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