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Akatsuki Blitzkampf (アカツキ電光戦記, Akatsuki Denkō Senki) (also known as Akatsuki/En-Eins (アカツキ/エンアイン, Akatsuki/En-Ain)) is a series of Japanese dōjin 2D fighting game, developed by the dōjin circle SUBTLE STYLE for Microsoft Windows.[1] It first released in November 2003 under the name Akatsuki Shisei Ichigō (アカツキ試製一號, lit. Akatsuki Prototype Nr. 1), prior being finalized and retitled in April 30, 2007 as Akatsuki Blitzkampf.[2] The title got a lot of attention in Japan and elsewhere for its high-resolution sprites and older style gameplay.[citation needed]

On September 27, 2007, Monthly Arcadia confirmed that the game would be launched as an arcade title, published by SUBTLE STYLE itself.[3] The last update was called Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf. Achse and it was released on February 20, 2008[4] for the Sega NAOMI arcade system, then was announced on March 26, 2009 to have a PC port.[5] It is soon followed by the sequel known as En-Eins Perfektewelt (エヌアイン完全世界, En-Ain Kanzen Sekai) in 2010.

Gameplay[edit source | edit]

Akatsuki/En-Eins is set in an alternate Japanese Imperial year, Koki 266X A.D. (200X AD in Gregorian year) up to 20XX AD, involving several characters that resemble the Nazi and soldiers of the World War II era and a bit from Norse myths, among others. In-game visuals supplement this sort of specific militaristic theme and environment, portrayed by the flat and somewhat cubist character portraits and story sequence images. Blitzkampf is also a follow-up to a previous SUBTLE STYLE release from 2003 called Akatsuki Shisei Ichigō, involving many of the characters from the previous game.

In terms of this series’ play style, it is regarded as relatively "old school" in comparison to many other dōjin fighter releases such as Melty Blood, Eternal Fighter Zero, or Big Bang Beat, as many of the systems and conventions in the game are rather similar to several late 1990s fighting games created by Capcom. For example, many players allude to the parry system, which resembles the one from the Street Fighter III installments. The gratuitous number of extra modes the game provides (such as Survival, Time Attack, or SUGOROKU) and the ways that they are unlocked is largely reminiscent of a console release of an arcade fighting game, further reinforcing the semi-retro feel. In other words, the game focus is upon space control and careful footwork instead of flashy combos and intense aerial combat. The most signature feature in this series is called Reflector, a Parry button (B+C) that allows player to guard incoming attacks, and can only counterattack at close-range, whether on the ground (both standing or crouching) or in the air.

In Ein-Eins, the Reflector button (B+C) can also be done in D button for beginner friendly use. When activating a burst-like move known as Perfektewelt via A+B+D, will grant the player increased boosts, such as health regeneration, but no longer be able to use EX or regular Super moves when entering this state. Once the gauge limit of Perfekwelt depletes, players cannot use EX or regular Supers, until the regular gauge return usable in the next rounds. While in Perfekwelt state before reaching the gauge limit, players can press A+B+D again to perform an Instant Kill-like attack while in close proximity, the Perfekte Finish. "En-Eins" also introduces a double jump-like air dash, auto combos, and dash attacks.

Synopsis[edit source | edit]

Akatsuki storyline took place in the Japanese Imperial calendar year Koki 266X A.D. (200X AD in Gregorian calendar), a submarine suddenly emerged in the Arctic Ocean while transporting a new weapon "Blitz Motor" from Germany to Japan. Former Imperial Army high class technical engineer Akatsuki, who has survived to the present age by hibernating in the frozen submarine, begins to carry out his final orders received during the war, which were to take the Blitz Motor and destroy it should it fall into enemy hands. On the other hand, due to Akatsuki's re-emergence, various organizations who want his Blitz Motor begin to search for him in order to gain the power of the Blitz Motor for themselves.

En-Eins storyline took place around ten years after Murakumo’s defeat by the hands of Akatsuki in 20XX AD. In the said year, there was a small report of a collapse accident in the undeveloped Tibetan Tsampo Canyon. With Murakumo’s fall from leadership, this allows the ancient witch Mycale an opportunity to take over "Gesellschaft" (German for "society"). A few months later, the world's chaos started due to the simultaneous global terrorist attack by an organization claiming to be the "New Orders of Templar Knight", the one of secretly led and revealing themselves the organization’s true leader. Taking on this chaos, a dark fight for the hegemony of the new world begins...

Characters[edit source | edit]

Introduced in Akatsuki Shisei Ichigo[edit source | edit]

  • Akatsuki (アカツキ): High class technical officer of the Imperial army and one of the former Gesellschaft]] member. Believed to have died in the Arctic oceans at a critical time when the war was coming to its end, during the transportation of a new military unit from an allied country. Fifty years later, he returns alive and unchanged in appearance. Now wielding superhuman abilities powered by original prototype Blitz Motor, he resumes his mission. He soon learn that his last mission during an imperial day was a set up by superior, Murakumo to have himself supposedly killed, but the plan fails as Akatsuki survive and awaken in fifty years later. As Murakumo is the original Akatsuki before him and due to Akatsuki was the first successful Blitz Motor super soldier, Akatsuki is referred by his former superior and the rest Fritz, even Kanae as Experiment 1, with Akatsuki's real name is unknown. He is a descendant of Agartha, an old civilization who has its people to be able to harness the power of electricity, like Blitz Motor. After supposedly killed Murakumo (only killed his original body, but not his soul), Akatsuki is likely the one who found and rescue a young soldier named En-Eins before they split to a different path for a similar reason, a destruction of Gesellschaft and its originator, Mycale’s Templar Knights. Few years later, while being targeted by Gesellschaft, now under leadership of Mycale, Akatsuki set to return to the Antartica, believing to be the main source of Blitz technologies. He also appeared in Under Night In-Birth (starting from Exe:Late) and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle patch 2.0. Voiced by Shinobu Matsumoto[6] (credited Souji Hijikata in the home series) in Japanese, and in English by Kaiji Tang (Cross Tag Battle only).[7]
  • Mycale (ミュカレ, Myukare): A French witch from an ancient time that belongs to a secret religious society called "New Orders of Templar Knight" (originally known as an unnamed "Perfecti Cult"); they have been manipulating history from behind the scenes since the Middle Ages, and part of the Gesellschaft alliance during a war. She plans to recover the missing weapon, have to deal with disposing Murakumo over their leaderships on leading Gesellschaft, using anyone else’s dark desires, such as Akatsuki's vengeful missions, and uses Marylin’s obsession to overthrow Black Hand’s leadership from In Fu to quickly succeed her plan, then disposing them as well. Later remained as Perfecti as of Ausf. Achse update onwards, as well as being replaced by her spiritual replacement and former host Kati in the sequel game En-Eins Perfektewelt. Her staff wand is the source of her soul before her original body was destroyed by the interference of Holy Club, and the host who touches her staff will ended up being possessed by her, as evident when she possessed Kati, and lastly Anonym Merell Rambus' body. Voiced by Karumagu.
  • Sai (Template:Ruby) (real name: Claude D'Aspremont (クロード・ダスプルモン, Kurōdo Dasupurumon)): Agent for the Xinhua computer company, who is in reality an English secret agent for MI6. He, through clandestine means, gathers information throughout the world. Rumors say that behind his sunglasses lurks an evil eye that can kill a man instantly, and somehow made Sai younger and immortal for decades. Sai had an ill-rivalry with Murakumo fifty years ago, and their connection is related to Sai's evil eye ability. Sai happens to be associate to the family of Kati, a young girl who was possessed by Mycale and concerned about her safety for her parents' sake. Voiced by Shion Hibiki.
  • Fritz (Template:Ruby, Furitsu): A military surgeon who practiced in the Imperial army and among of those who founded Gesellschaft during the war prior to defection fifty years later. During his time with Gesellschaft, he was involved with artificial being projects such as the cloning (namely Elektrosoldat) and cybernization (Blitztank). Albeit becoming unaccounted for afterwards, he sets off on eliminating all those who have appeared concurrently with Akatsuki's revival, then investigate the connection between Gesellschaft and its actual originator, Templar Knights. He uses Mugai-Ryu swordsmanship to fight. Added in version 1.02. Voiced by Shion Hibiki.
  • Kanae (Template:Ruby, Kanae): An intelligence operative and a second liutenant, attached to the second office of the Ground Staff Overseeing Department. With the news of Akatsuki's revival, she is ordered to recover a secret "Blitz Motor", lost at the end of the war, but was ordered to retreat afterwards. Unaware to Kanae, her boss, Senke Misa is one of Murakumo's clone, and somehow disappeared by the time Kanae discharged of GSOD and recruited by Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office at a same time of Mycale’s Gesellschaft declares war on humanity, causing Kanae to find his current whereabout and who Senke truly is. Thanks to CIRO’s intelligence, Kanae is able to discover all official governments which are compromised by Murakumo and Mycale, then backed by eradication troops to find and eradicate them all. Added in version 1.03. Voiced by 754.

Introduced in Akatsuki Blitzkampf[edit source | edit]

  • Marilyn Sue Da Jie (マリリン・スー・Template:Ruby, Marilin Sū Tā Che): An assassin for the continent's largest international mafia "Black Hand" and a master of assassination techniques with basis in, presumably, Pigua Quan. By plundering the Blitz Motor from Akatsuki, she aims to rise in influence and power. She was actually being told by Mycale to murder her boss, In Fu, and she succeed taking over the mafia. By the time when Mycale led Gesellschaft and declares war on humanity few years, Marylin felt deceive, and temporarily aid the resistance, just to purposely attempt to become only savior of the world in her conquest. Voiced by Karumagu.
  • Da Wei Ye Lue (Template:Ruby, Tā Wei Ye Rū): A master of Xingyi Quan, who, as a cold-blooded assassin, rose up to the ranks of Black Hand's leaders. After his patron, In Fu was assassinated, Wei searches for the criminal. After finding out that his boss, In Fu is one of the clones of Murakumo, Wei train himself at a mountain in preparing to murder remaining Murakumo's clones. By the time when Gesellschaft declares war on humanity, Wei suspect Murakumo will be there as well. Voiced by Shinobu Matsumoto (credited Souji Hijikata in his home series).
  • Anonym Merell Rambus (アノニム・メレル・ランバス, Anonimu Memeru Ramubasu): An Armed Inquisitor of Heresy, within a religious society - The Holy Club. She is sent to destroy the headquarters of an organization charged with the heresy of aiding Gesellschaft, the Templar Knights. Anonym is a master of the Rambus-style gun technique, a combination of Chinese self-defense and pistols. She is replaced by her superior, Anonym Guard in the sequel game En-Eins. It is likely that she is the one who saved Kati from Mycale's possession, but confirmed to have end up being the current host of the witch. Voiced by Strange Heke.
  • Elektrosoldat (エレクトロゾルダート, Elekutorosorudāto): Private army of Gesellschaft, cloned from Adler. Although equipped with the same Blitz Motor as Akatsuki, albeit latest version, the connection between them lies shrouded in mystery. However, one soldier begin to oppose Gesellschaft, while at the same time of ended up dying by an unknown disease. The second clone who also oppose the terrorist cult also befriend with another defector, En-Eins, realizing he might be a cure to Elektrosoldat cloning batch’s short-lifespan. Voiced by Kyosuke Amasaki.
  • Adler (アドラー, Adorā): Formerly, as an officer within the organization "Ahnenerbe", he did research on German ancestry, organization. He was participated in excavation of Tibet's ancient heritage and founded Gesellschaft together, but upon the discovery of the ancient city of Agartha, he uses the science for his own ambitions. He is the originator of Elektrosoldat clone army. At some point before En-Eins begin, Adler died and reincarnated through possessing a powerful Elektrosoldat's body, proclaiming himself as "Super Adler" and resume his work with Mycale (now known as Perfecti) and Valkyria. Voiced by Kyosuke Amasaki in the first game, later replaced by Reiji Nagase after the first game.
  • Blitztank (Denkōsensha (Template:Ruby, lit. Lightning Tank) in Japan): An electrical tank, assumed to have a Blitz Motor as its source of power. According to a copy of the document on new engine research labeled "Gesellschaft", a test piece was developed. However, it was revoked along with the plan itself before the full-scale production could take place. Based on the arcade ending, there are mysterious rumors behind the creation of Blitztanks that the tanks were once humans before being cyberized into living tanks as they are now. Playable Blitztank begins to remember something upon encountering Akatsuki, and progressively attempts to rebel against Gesellschaft. It also appeared in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, in which it unusually uses the localized name "Blitztank" even in Japanese.
  • Murakumo (ムラクモ) (formerly known as Akatsuki Zero (アカツキ零号)): The final boss of the first game. At the time of the previous war, he was a military officer stationed in Germany who planned actions for an inspection group on military affairs, being both former superior of Akatsuki and ally of Fritz. In this position, he got in touch with Mycale and her Templar Knights, including Adler from Ahnenerbe, and established the Military Technique Research facility, nicknamed "Gesellschaft", then discover Agartha and created Blitz Motor. Towards the end of the war news from Berlin is interrupted. True by his rank, he was the original Akatsuki before the main protagonist himself and the one who responsible for trapping Akatsuki on ice for fifty years, but fail, as Akatsuki survive and awaken in the fifty years later. Same goes that he did betray Mycale to rule over Gesellschaft under his leadership, but Mycale survive through possessing Kati. Despite his original body was killed by Akatsuki, he revealed to have some of his clones to be used as his vessel to keep him alive, namely Senke Misa (his current host, and Kanae's superior), and In Fu (Black Hand's late-leader who was killed by Marylin sent by Mycale). While in Senke’s body at time Mycale became Gesellschaft’s new leader and declare a war on humanity, Murakumo remain manipulated the government systems while trying to get his throne back. Voiced by Shinobu Matsumoto (credited Souji Hijikata in his home series).

Introduced in Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf. Achse[edit source | edit]

  • Perfecti (Kanzensha (Template:Ruby, lit. Perfect One) in Japan): The current sub-boss of the series. The current form of the witch Mycale after leaving Kati's body, and possessing Anonym Merell as her current host. She can transform her Cursed Blade: Dáinsleif from a regular staff wand into a Spear Machine Gun). She was originally a mere palette swap of Mycale in Akatsuki Blitzkampf prior being re-introduce in Ausf. Achse update as her own character and the second round's sub-boss of the said update after defeating Mycale. Voiced by Kyoko Utsumi.

Introduced in En Eins Perfektewelt[edit source | edit]

  • En-Eins (エンアイン, En-Ain): The sole survivor of Gesellschaft's cloning batch cloned from an unnamed God, who is presumably saved by Akatsuki. He received powers of Energaia due to being used for experiments by the Gesellschaft to achieve godhood and destroy the old humanity by becoming Energaia-Eins. En-Eins aims to stop the evil military organization to avenge his clone "siblings" and saving humanity. Voiced by Aina Nishimura a.k.a. Aina Yasukuni.
  • Kati (カチ, Kachi): Former host of Mycale after the latter becoming a separate entity known as Perfecti. As Kati now freed from Mycale, she replaces Mycale's spot as a playable character. Kati was born in Germany and raised in Shanghai, China, where her parents is associate to Sai, her only known friend. Unknown to her during her time after being freed from Mycale's possession, it was likely Anonym Merell who saved her life at cost of being possessed by Mycale. Once Kati unexpectedly awaken at Tsampo Valley, Tibet, she found a morningstar wand called "Eye of Wand: Morgenstern". The staff she wields holds a dangerous power that may curse its user with its eye. However, thanks to her time being possessed by Mycale, Kati is already being equipped with a Koruna amulet to be immune to the staff's curse. Despite Mycale using Kati's body to commit an unforgivable crime, Kati still sees her as a friend, due to being lonely like her. Voiced by Kyoko Utsumi.
  • Anonym Guard (アノニミ・ガード, Anoninum Gādo): The Anonym Merell replacement, after her disappearance, and possessed by Mycale and becoming Perfecti. She is a palace guard of the Holy Club who begin to search for her and freed her from Mycale’s possession. Voiced by Strange Heke.
  • Tempelritter (テンペルリッター, Tenperurittā): The female clones of Valkyria, who resembles Nazi Valkyries serving as "Gesellschaft"'s foot soldiers like Elektrosoldat. Voiced by Kaori Ota.
  • Valkyria (ヴァルキュリア, Vu~arukyuria): The non-playable final boss of the second game. She, like Adler, also have let themselves being cloned to mass-produce Tempelritter and Elektrosoldat army. She briefly appeared as part of Perfecti's Reflector moves, until properly made her debut in sequel En-Eins. Due to her status a power-up version of Tempelritter, such as can use EX/Super gauge moves infinitely, even after “Perfekwelt” being used, it is highly recommended for the players to prepare a Reflector against her. Voiced by Kaori Ota.

Release[edit source | edit]

Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf. Achse[edit source | edit]

Template:Infobox video game

After finding success on the Dōjin soft scene, on September 27, 2007, Arcadia Magazine confirmed that the game would be launched as an Arcade title, with the provisional name "Akatsuki Blitzkampf AC", published by SUBTLE STYLE itself. The first location test was held on November 23, 2007 at High Tech Land Sega AViON in Japan.[8] The game was renamed as Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf. Achse and was improved with graphical enhancements and a new character named Perfecti.[9] Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf. Achse was released in Japanese arcades on February 20, 2008 for the Sega NAOMI system and published with the help of PIC company. It re-introduces a new character known as Perfecti (Kanzensha in Japan), who was originally a mere alternate version/palette swap of Mycale.

It is a common misconception that the subtitle is a misspelling of the German phrase "Auf Achse," meaning "on tour/on the road/on the move". In fact, the term "Ausf." is short for "Ausführung" and has been very common in historic German military nomenclature, meaning "option model" or "version". Therefore, "Ausf. Achse" literally means "option model with axle(s)" or "moveable/mobile/non-stationary version". "Achse" also translates to "axis", and given the game's militaristic style, a very probable translation is "Akatsuki Flash Fight Axis Edition".

The PC version was announced at March 26, 2019.[citation needed]

En-Eins Perfektewelt[edit source | edit]

Template:Infobox video game

Subtle Style developed a sequel to the original game called En-Eins Perfektewelt (エヌアイン完全世界, En-Ain Kanzen Sekai) in conjunction with Rutubo Game Works. It was released on the System Board Y2 arcade system on June 25, 2010.[10] The game was later ported to the Taito Type X² arcade board and released digitally via NESiCAxLive on February 22, 2012.[11]

It is a common misconception that the subtitle is a misspelling of the German phrase "Perfektwelt," meaning "perfect world", referring to the new titular protagonist En-Eins, the last surviving clone of his cloning batch who aims to defeat one of Gesellschaft's leader, such as Vakyria (a boss version of her playable clone, Tempelritter) for the sake of creating a perfect world. It also introduces Mycale's replacement and former host, Kati, as well Anonym Guard as a replacement to the original Anonym.[12]

Reception[edit source | edit]

The original Akatsuki game, Akatsuki Shisei Ichigo, was released in 2003 with mixed reviews because of its lack of characters (only three in the first edition, and five with a patch) and gameplay problems, but the second game was released with new characters, backgrounds and a deeper system that includes new modes and online play. Akatsuki Blitzkampf has a strong community in Japan with tournaments and ranking battles in famous Japanese arcade centers like Ko-Hatsu[13] and some non-Japanese enthusiasts have gathered in communities like Shoryuken.com[14] (the official host of the Evolution Championship Series fighting game tournaments in the US).

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References[edit source | edit]

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