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Al Hudaydah Governorate

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Al Hudaydah

Al Hudaydah in Yemen.svg
SeatAl Hudaydah
Occupation Houthis (Ansar Allah)
 • Total17,509 km2 (6,760 sq mi)
 • Total3,921,000
 • Density220/km2 (580/sq mi)

Al Hudaydah (Arabic: الْحُدَيْدَةAl Ḥudaida) is a governorate of Yemen. Its capital is Al Hudaydah. The governorate is also sometimes referred to as the Western Coast.

This governorate borders the Red Sea and is part of the narrow Tihamah region. Its capital, Al Hudaydah, also serves as an important local port city.

Districts[edit source | edit]

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Coordinates: 14°46′N 43°15′E / 14.767°N 43.250°E / 14.767; 43.250