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Brian Dean

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Brian Dean
A photograph of Brian Dean showing is bald head, face and shoulders
Born (1984-08-11) August 11, 1984 (age 36)
Pawtucket Rhode Island[1]
CitizenshipUnited States
Alma materTufts University, University of Rhode Island
Years active2010 - present
OrganizationBacklinko LLC
Known forDigital marketing and SEO
Height5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
TelevisionBrian Dean YouTube channel
AwardsSuccess magazine: world’s foremost expert on SEO
Brian Dean's signature is just iligible form of 'Brain'

Brian Dean (born August 11, 1984) in Pawtucket Rhode Island, New England[1] is an American digital marketing entrepreneur and the founder of backlinko.com - a website that provides case studies and strategies on how to generate backlinks the right way. Brian Dane is also the co-founder of Exploding Topics - a web analytics. In 2018, Inc. magazine listed him as one of their nine SEO experts to follow.[2] Forbes has named Backlinko as a place for next-level SEO training and link building strategies and SocialMediaToday says Brian is 'exceptionally talented'.[citation needed]

The Digital marketing industry is full of voices. The very nature of digital marketing, whether it’s paid search, SEO, email marketing or social media marketing, creates a strong incentive for those who promote online marketing services. This creates a lot of noise, and finding the right information can be tricky for an entrepreneur, business leader or a marketer trying to figure out what’s what.[3] It can be daunting to know where to start or who to trust. However, there are some SEO advisors out there which, based on their service records overtime have now established some sort of notability. It is therefore, important that you are aware of this risk that you may research carefully on who to hand your marketing project to.

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Early Life[edit source | edit]

Brian Dean was born and grow up in Pawtucket Rhode Island, New England, United States. In 2006, Brian read a book (The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss) that started it all and got him on his path to entrepreneurship - a book that teaches people to work smarter and not harder.

In 2007 Brian Dean started his first e-book about back pain, but he also work a fulltime job which took most of his time. In late 2007 Brian changed his career and started writing professionally for people on Elance. In 2008 Brian got a job at Livestrong Foundation in Austin, Texas where he wrote articles about nutrition.

In 2009 Brian Dean started his first website - a 'niche website', where he created over 150 on-page websites with various nutritional products or services. None of the sites actually made him any money and later he realized that it was probably because they were just not good enough. But this early website management experience lead him to discovered something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the term used to describe ones desire to optimize a website so that its ranked high on search engines like Google.

From 2010 Brian Dean started to optimize his website for SEO but in 2011 when Google updated its search algorithm, Brian took a massive hit by the famous Panda update in Google’s search algorithm. In early 2012, his web traffic had dropped significantly. Back then most people were a little black hat, with their keyword stuffing and bought backlinks indiscriminately. So, after the hit, Brian Dean dives completely into SEO but decided to specialize in white hat SEO in hope that with such techniques or skills he could make content that wouldn’t get hit by algorithm updates. Therefore, in December 2012 Brian Dean launched his SEO blog Backlinko - a web blog that teaches people how to tweak a webpage to rank number one on Google Search engine result page (SERP) via building backlinks the right way and other SEO related articles, with majority of them referencing self-published sources of Brian's original research or case study. Today Backlinko generates on average over half a million visitors per month.[citation needed]

Education[edit source | edit]

Brian Dean holds a undergraduate degree in nutrition from the University of Rhode Island, New England and a master’s degree in nutrition from Tufts University, Massachusetts. In 2007 Brian Dean enrolled in Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana, but quitted the graduate program for a dietitian job in 2008.

Personal Life[edit source | edit]

Brian Dean keeps most of his personal life to himself however, he enjoys traveling, and visiting places that most people only dream of. In 2010 Brian quitted his job at Livestrong Foundation and booked a one-way ticket from New York City to Bangkok. He's been working on his SEO business from hotels, guest houses and cafes in places like Thailand, Cambodia, Japan and Spain ever since he became successful in digital marketing and SEO.

Career[edit source | edit]

Brian Dean started his digital marketing career in 2010 at the age of 26 after having quit from his graduate studies at Purdue University for his first online business (selling an ebook about nutrition) two year earlier.

Backlinko (2012 - present)[edit source | edit]

Brian Dean launched Backlinko in December 2012 as a platform that teaches people how to generate more traffic to their online businesses through link building, based on his experience from several of his failed online businesses he attempted earlier as well as his original research and case studies. Backlinko saw a rapid growth, today, the web blog receives on average more than half a million hits every month.[citation needed]

Backlinko YouTube channel (2011 - present)[edit source | edit]

Brian Dean started his YouTube channel backlinko in 2011 to support his SEO blog of the same name.

Exploding Topics (2014 - present)[edit source | edit]

Brian Dean launched Exploding Topics in 2014. Exploding Topics is a website that gathers a lot of data from around the web, it combines all the data and search queries and from that, they calculate which topics around the World is 'Exploding'. It is an easy way to see what people are talking about and searching for more than normal.

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Frequently Asked Questions[edit source | edit]

Why did Brian Dean Quit Graduate School?[edit source | edit]

Brian Dean quitted his Ph.D program in Purdue University, Indiana because he didn’t like living in Indiana and his Ph.D advisor turned out to be a jerk.[4]

Why did Brian Dean Starts a Career in Digital Marketing?[edit source | edit]

Brian Dean started a career as an entrepreneur because he couldn't find a job in 2008 at the heart of the financial crisis. 'Getting a job then was a tall task, especially for a new graduate with very little experience' - Brian says. However, it was The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss that got Dean started on his path to entrepreneurship, then to freelance writing & marketing and finally digital marketing.

What is the Difference Between Brian Dean and Neil Patel?[edit source | edit]

The difference is Brian Dean publishes fewer blog contents and videos than Neil Patel and Brian's SEO advice and techniques are much more applicable in real world than Neil's. But overall, both Brian and Neil are regarded as notable SEO advisors or digital marketers[5]

What is Brian Dean’s Advice for Content Writing?[edit source | edit]

Brian Dean advice for content writing are:

  1. Write super-short introductions. 'Most introductions are WAY too long. No one wants a huge backstory on the topic. Instead, preview your post and get them excited about what’s coming up.'
  2. Write one to two sentence paragraphs. 'Back in 2009, I noticed that all of the articles on the New York Times website were formatted differently than the print version. Specifically, the online articles had one-sentence paragraphs. I copied that rule and it’s helped boost my content’s readability ever since.'
  3. Make Bucket brigades. 'These are words and phrases that encourage people to keep reading your content. For example, when you write ‘here’s the truth,’ it makes your reader want to see what you’re going to say next. I recommend sprinkling a few bucket brigades in your longer blog posts.'[4]

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