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As a new contributor, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer size and scope of this project named Wikiafripedia. Don't worry if you don't understand everything at first, as it is acceptable to use common sense as you go about editing. We encourage you to be bold in a fair and accurate manner, with a straightforward, just-the-facts style.

The contributing to Wikiafripedia page is an article that provides information, links, videos and other resources on the basics needed to edit Wikiafripedia. The seven pillars is a popular summary of the most pertinent Wikiafripedia principles. The community portal is a central location to find collaborations, tasks, and news about Wikiafripedia. If you somehow do get stuck, there are volunteers available to answer your questions; see asking for help for more information.

A video that articulates the diversity and enthusiasm of the Wikipedia/Wikiafripedia Community by editors like you. (4:10 min)

Overview tutorials

  • Introduction: our main tutorial to the core principles of how to edit contained in thirteen short modules (as listed below).
  • The Wikiafripedia Adventure: a module guided tour with fun, interactive learning, and practice.
  • Your first article: an article that discusses some of the DOs and DON'Ts, then shows you how to create an article. Note: The ability to create articles directly in mainspace is restricted to autoconfirmed users, though non-confirmed users and non-registered users can submit a proposed article through the Articles for Creation process, where it will be reviewed and considered for publication.

Topic specific introductions

Protocols and conventions

Editing with Wiki Markup

  • Introduction to editing: a five-part guide to editing. Editing pages. Formatting. Links and Wikilinks. Saving your changes. Summary.
  • Introduction to referencing: a five-part introduction to referencing. Verifiability. Inline citations. RefToolbar. Reliable sources. Summary
  • Introduction to uploading images: a six-part guide on uploading images. Introduction. Free content. Non-free content. Wikimedia Commons. Using an image. Summary.
  • Introduction to tables: a four-part guide to putting tables in pages. Introduction to tables. Creating tables manually. Sortable tables. HTML and tables.
  • Introduction to talk pages: a five-part guide to using talk pages. Talk pages. User talk pages. Layout. Examples. Summary.

Editing with Visual Editor

Training for student assignments

These self-guided trainings help users involved with student assignments to learn the basics of Wikiafripedia.

  • Training for students: students start here! A four-part, 57-page training intended for students doing assignments on Wikiafripedia, with more detailed introductions to core Wikiafripedia policies, editing basics, and more specific editing advice for students. Welcome (4 pages). The Core (14 pages). Editing (24 pages). Advanced and background (15 pages).
  • Training for educators: educators start here! A five-part, 97-page training for professors and other educators who want to run Wikiafripedia assignments for class, with introductions to core Wikiafripedia policies, editing basics, and an overview of best practices for designing and implementing Wikiafripedia assignments.
  • Training for Wikiafripedia Ambassadors: Ambassadors start here! A four-part, 86-page, training for Wikiafripedia Campus and Online Ambassadors, with introductions to core policies, editing basics for those new to editing, and an overview of best practices for Wikiafripedia assignments.


Quick guides

Overview articles

Books and videos

  • The Missing Manual: a comprehensive how-to book that explains everything about contributing for novice to expert editors.
  • Wikiafripedia instructional material for a listing of screencasts, videos, and books.
  • The Bookshelf: (external link) A vast collection of high-quality, freely licensed, user-generated informational material about Wikiafripedia.

Specialised tutorials

Help resources and assistance

Information icon.svg Help desk


Welcome to Wikiafripedia, the free afripedia.

Do you know that Wikiafripedia authors are the owners of their contents, ads on their contents (for those who wishes to monetize) and the revenue thereof? Wikiafripedia's authors don't share their ads revenue with any entity (it's 💯% theirs) even though anyone can contribute to their article because, most of the times, the author of an article on Wikiafripedia is the one responsible for the performance of that article. But everyone should help make Wikiafripedia contents increasingly visible for the collective good of all users and to help Wikiafripedia carry out its mission towards achieving its vision. The Wikiafrimedia Foundation will always back such an effort.

The Wikiafripedia Community which is made up of Afripedians enforces Wikiafripedia's core content policies that ensures the creation of good articles; while the Wikiafripedia:Seven pillars are the basic principles of Wikiafripedia that helps maintain best practices and good conducts among editors throughout the encyclopedia.

The Wikiafripedia:WikiProject Original Research establishes dedicated namespaces such as 'Project:', 'Thesis:', 'Dissertation:' and 'Seminar:' outside the encyclopedia mainspace for scholars wishing to published their research work here in other to preserve it or for possible peer-review or to help make it accessible to future researchers. And they can monetize it if they want to. Thus, these two (monetization/dedicated OR namespaces) are some of the features that distinguished Wikiafripedia from other encyclopedias.

We will be glad if you decide to help build an encyclopedia that's free and will remain so in perpetuity while passively supporting it contributors financially... However, we advised that you begin immediately because, once one author has started substantially an article on a subject, others can only contribute to it, which help bring about wiki magic but can never write about that same topic on Wikiafripedia independently of the first approved article on that subject. Imagine how much views you can get if you secure approval first for a very demanding topics?

If Wikiafripedia have provided you valued worth of knowledge/information/reflection this year, please take time out of your busy schedule to contribute to it growth. It is NOT money we ask of you but that you contribute your knowledge or technical expertise to help make free from copyright educational resources available and accessible to all in abundance.

We know that people might still ignore this message, and that it can be tricky to make time to contribute what you know for the benefits of others. But our hope is that, if you can write/edit articles for free on Wikipedia, why not with an incentive on Wikiafripedia, which aims to encourage more contributions from people in developing words like African, Southeast Asia which have little quality contents on the web? I hope you will think about how valuable it is to have access to a source of free, open knowledge that would Keep giving you money instead of asking, and as it grows so is your revenue. This is the first feature that distinguished Wikiafripedia from other encyclopedias, another is it dedicated namespaces for scholars original research.

Imagine a world where everyone can freely share in the sum of all knowledge? That's our mission, our vision statement.

Start now

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