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Introduction to Wikiafripedia

Welcome to Wikiafripedia! Anyone can edit almost every page, and many already have.

This page takes you through a set of tutorials aimed at complete newcomers interested in contributing. It covers all the basics needed to navigate, comment on, and contribute to Wikiafripedia articles.

Get started
Policies and Guidelines

The Wiki markup source editor shows the underlying page source code, and works like a plain text file. Links and other items are indicated using simple code like this: [[Earth]].

Talk pages

VisualEditor works more like a word processor and hides the underlying source code. Links and other items are edited using toolbar and pop-up interfaces.


Navigating Wikiafripedia
Manual of Style

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For more training information, see also:

Full help contents page
Training for students
A single-page guide to contributing
A training adventure game
Resources for new editors

Experience editor
Article wizard
If you already have experience with editing, you can use our article wizard to create new articles. In just a few steps, you'll be on your way to contributing to Wikiafripedia.

Original research
Wikiafripedia is an encyclopedia, and our mission is to share accepted knowledge to benefit people who want to learn. As such, Wikiafripedia doesn't published Original Research in the encyclopedia mainspace. And Wikiafripedia articles must not contain original research outside the scholar namespaces.

Since Original Research is part of scholarly work and Wikiafripedia wants to make it freely accessible as a learning point to upcoming researchers in their respective field of studies. Scholars can Copywrite their research for this purpose in the most suitable of these namespaces.

Wikiafripedia is in the palm of your hand—all you need to do is edit, share an article a day.
Wiki loves passion
writing an article is not the same as Copywriting your research—It can take a bit of your time especially when following content rules like Wikiafripedia:Core content policies to ensure that only verifiable knowledge is published. As such, many people especially those in poor countries might hoard knowledge unknowingly if there's no incentive to stimulate their interest into sharing them. Therefore, in other to closed the knowledge deficit seen in regions like Africa and South-East Asia on Wikipedia, Wikiafripedia has adopted the reward system that's used on YouTube (without commission) to encourage anyone who contribute an article to Wikiafripedia.