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StrangersForSex logo.jpg
Screen of StrangersForSex home page.PNG
SFS Homepage (mobile screenshot)
Type of site
Brothel, Escort, Hookup
Available inEnglish
Headquarters2988 Henry Ford Avenue, New York,
United States.
Country of originRussia
Created by
  • Mary Blackwood, George Peterson, Michael Caraway, Patrick Summers
  • Godman Andrew
Users309 escorts Increase (12 Premium)
LaunchedApril 1, 2021; 14 months ago (2021-04-01)
Current statusOnline
Content license
Written inPHP (SFS) is an online unisex brothel website that was founded in Russia by Godman Andrew in April 2021. The website is now registered to SFS LLC in Nevada, New York. As of March 2022, have been visited over 1,000,000 times. The adult website now boost more than 500Increase registered female escorts (call girls), about a hundred male escorts and a few special ones like pregnant, lactating and transgender escorts. A week after launched, the website managements raises its membership requirements, making it mandatory for all independent escorts to join SFS with their real pictures without a facade and to be KYC. VIP escorts on SFS are also registered and KYC with their real pics however, they may upload facaded real pics to their profile but, it is expected that they avail themselves without a facade on video call from clients<ref name=sfs.mandatory />

Both independent, premium and VIP escorts profiles on SFS are accesssible to visitors whether the visitor is registered on the website or not. Thus, the independent escorts can be contacted by just any guest to SFS since their phone numbers are made available to the public on their SFS profile but, SFS premium escorts on the other hand are managed by a PIMP and cannot be contacted by anyone without proof of credibility or seriousness in the form of some financial commitment to ServiceCom.

ServiceCom is SFS in-house payment relay service that is helping clients to send money to escorts securely in an effort to prevent fraud. ServiceCom service is employed globally on SFS for all monetary transactions. SFS features on their website slider escorts that accepts ServicomCom, have been full KYC (uploaded an ID in addition to verification pics) and has feature worthy pics on their profile free of charge, until there's a review evidence of been hooked then, the escort would be required to subscribe to feature display henceforth.

Major funding for SFS is provided by the Wikiafrimedia Foundation and supported by their premium escorts membership fees of $10 per month per premium escort, ServiceCom transaction charges, feature display subscriptions and donations from happy users.

Hosting for SFS was provided by BlueHost Inc. a subsidiary of Endurance International Group in Utah, United States up-till October 7 2021, when BlueHost deactivated hosting for SFS on grounds of compliance or violation of their policy on escort websites.<ref name=bh.tos /><ref name=bh.aup /> Thus, SFS is legally hosted on a LiteSpeed Web Server just outside of Seattle, United States by Hostwinds Inc.<ref />

SFS main contender in the escort directory service is Codedruns, a popular escort directory in Africa with many escorts profiles though, the escort website is laced with copyright violators, with most escorts using false pics taken from the internet, duplicate accounts, some staged reviews and without any fraud prevention payment system being used.[citation needed]

About[edit | edit source]

File:StrangersForSex (SFS) default search output.png
SFS default search output as of May 2021.

SFS is a online unisex brothel NOT a dating website. It is an online adult website for anyone who trade sex and related adult services with strangers for money, as well as those who patronizes such adult services.

How it Works[edit | edit source]

The basics is like any physical brothel: you walk-in, signal the girl that looks good to you, talk with her about the kind of service you want, agreed on pricing and terms, make payment to her or the brothel company that manages her, she takes you to her room or she join you in your car to the agreed venue where the both of you will then have fun.

Noticed that, at a physical brothel,

  1. there exist bouncers to screen minors, prevent trouble from escalating and to provide a general sense of security.
  2. the brothel service is paid mostly with cash over the counter, in person to the service provider or via wire transfer to the company.
  3. No escort or client (that has not already been known by the bouncers) visits the brothel with a mask.
  4. A VIP service exists, but the VIP errand person would be known to the PIMP, but the VIP client might only be known to the escort.

Therefore, SFS being an online brothel, has certain measures or changes abound to prevent minors, time-wasters, abuse, copyright violation and fraud, especially when it comes to service payment and security.

SFS Registration Requirements[edit | edit source]

There are only two ways to join SFS.

1. The KYC Way (FREE and recommended)

For that, SFS requires ID/photo verification and the use of real pics throughout the SFS site by KYC members.

File:SFS verification photo model.jpg
Example verification photo by Jeni (SFS Model).

2. The VIP Way ($10)

SFS only requires a one-time anonymous fee of $10 (to demonstrate credibility), a username and a working email address only from VIPs.

Registration of Escorts[edit | edit source]

At the outset, SFS would be introduced to women on Facebook and Instagram who might like to join SFS as escorts by their marketer who they called Associates. The SFS Associate would answer queries from a woman until she agrees to register, at which point the associate would then send her the link to the SFS registration requirements page, where she could choose whether to join SFS as a KYC Escort (Free and recommended) or join SFS as a VIP Escort ($10). Many would then proceed and register on SFS with their real information and photographs as a KYC Escort. Those who preferred not to join SFS with their real information nor use their real pictures on SFS are charged $10 to be registered as a VIP Escort.

Applications to join SFS are received, reviewed and processed by their Registrars at the SFS Registry in New York.

At the Registry, a registrar carefully reviews each application received for name compliance, photo integrity and verification photo/ID clarity. Once an application have passed these manual reviews, the user is registered and a notification mail is sent automatically by the website for the user to setup password and login.

Registration of Clients[edit | edit source]

Clients are introduced to SFS in a slightly different ways (largely via advertising) than the escorts, but the SFS registration requirements and verification process is the same for everyone.

Accessibility of Members[edit | edit source]

SFS escorts and client are accessible via the site search, which gives the escorts an advantage of even starting a conversation with a client if they want, but it's bad practice since it may also gives its competitor access to their client. However, one would have to be registered on SFS to be able to start a conversation with the members.

Accessing the SFS Escorts Profile[edit | edit source]

As of May 16, 2021 a guest user to SFS cannot access a SFS Escort full-profile or photographs; you must be registered on SFS in other to access a SFS Escort profile, else the SFS website would always redirect you to the 'SFS Mandatory Membership Requirements' page. However, you can perform search or scroll-through the SFS Escort profiles to find the woman you would like to be hooked with; when you've found her, you can then click on her display pics or name and be taken to the membership requirements page, where you may choose to register either as a KYC client (recommended) or as a VIP.

After your application is approved, you may then proceed to change your password, login and start a chat with the escort if she's online or send her a message instead if she's offline.

Communication[edit | edit source]

There are four ways SFS members can signal each other, namely: chatting, messaging, profile like (favoriting) and sending of gifts.

Live chat is support when the escort is online, whereas you can send an escort a message even when she's offline. If you message an escort, the escort would immediately received a notification on phone or email to reply your message. A similar notification is sent by the SFS website when you someone sent a gift to an escort, and both of these cases depends on the escort privacy settings, which could be set to not sent notification for any or both of these events.

SFS Accessibility Basics[edit | edit source]

Basically, a man who needs the company of a girl that's Not his girl (a stranger), may log-on-to or could follow any of their advertisements to land on the SFS website, where the man (a client) could choose an escort from the list of girls featured on the SFS website front page or the client may performed a site-search to find an attractive woman from his/her location, within a certain age range or that meets his/her other needs.

After the client has found an escort he likes, he would then proceed to register an account on the SFS website as of May 16, 2021 in other be able to view her profile, see her photos in full, check her sexual offerings, send her a message or chat her. This was not always the case until the website management began to enforce the use of real photographs by all members for the best user experience, but VIPs are exception. So, once registered, the client would be able to engage the woman meaningfuly, until they agreed on services and cost then, they would schedule a meeting, meets with other and have funs with no strings attached.

Before meeting, the client or escort might check-in with SFS, just to inform them that s/he is meeting someone somewhere, though optional but advisable to always check-in with someone even though not SFS (your close friend), in case something happens - there would someone to collaborate your story. And that's just one of SFS safe meeting advice.

SFS Safe Meeting Advice[edit | edit source]

  1. Video-call your potential client/escort before meeting.
  2. Agree to meet ONLY at notable places like a known hotel or guesthouse.
  3. Tell at least one friend of yours where you are going, perhaps who you might be meeting or check-in with us on or depending on the occasion.
  4. On arrival and after acquaintance, get paid via wiring before service.
  5. Use condom.
  6. Don’t be greedy.

History[edit | edit source]

File:Brothel services intro.jpg
Intro to Brothel Services Facebook group

StrangersForSex (SFS) started on Facebook in January 2021 when Godman Andrew created a Facebook group called 'Brothel Services' to attract and connect women who were more sexually active to a man needing a women and living in the same city as these women.[citation needed] He did this in hope that it was safer and less mortifying than going to a brothel in most countries of the world like his country Nigeria where prostitution is illegal in the Northern parts by Sharia law and not Federal law.<ref />

In February 2021, Brothel Services had about a hundred members and about one-third of that were women. As the group grew, the demands for nudes by men increases, but the use of nude is against Facebook community policy so, nude sharing wasn't possible within Facebook and a WhatsApp group would have been used instead, but that also has it limitations and Godman wanted a much more mature hookup platform. So in March 2021, while in Vladivostok, he purchased the domain name

And in April 2021, he founded the website and deleted the Facebook group. But as prostitution in Russia is an administrative crime in most parts of the country, SFS is now being hosted in New York.

But despite the group members being advised to migrate to the SFS website, less than 10% registered on SFS due to the Brothel website stiff registration requirements.<ref name=sfs.mandatory />

Looks and Feel[edit | edit source]

In response to feedback from associates regarding usability, SFS took a major redesign task or migrated their website to a new theme in August 2021 in an effort to make the site more usable, accessible and intuitive to users or to make it more familiar and easy to use to people who are used to a contending site with the same theme.

Registration & Membership[edit | edit source]

StrangersForSex (SFS) membership is Free for anyone who's comfortable with using their real photographs on SFS, willing to submit a clear copy of their government issued ID and a verification photo for screening by a SFS registrar. Once an application is checked, the applicant is issued a SFS KYC membership. But for one wanting to use SFS with utmost secrecy or anonymity, the SFS VIP membership provides such coverage for a one-time registration fee of $10. However, both of these memberships are subject to a renewal for at least $1/month once the member has received a positive review on SFS, else the member would request for a free renewal every month.

SFS requires real pics from an applicant for the KYC membership in other to prevent copyright violators from joining SFS, a government issued ID helps to established an applicant age, real name, which helps prevent fake-identity on SFS and a verification photo helps to established the reality of every pics filed by the applicant.

According to the SFS Membership Department, applicantion for the SFS VIP membership are charged a one-time registration fee of $10 to demonstrate credibility and control possible abuse, since such service could render the SFS KYC membership useless if no value is attached to it.[citation needed]

SFS Registration[edit | edit source]

There are two ways to register account on SFS; both of this ways offers you full access to the online brothel, but only one of these ways offers absolute privacy or anonymity:

1.Mainstream or KYC Way

If you have to fill a lengthy KYC form in order to join SFS, then you are registering a mainstream or a KYC Account on SFS. A KYC account on SFS has two main requirements:

  • Age and name verification, which requires your valid ID (e.g, the data page of your International Passport, National ID, Voters card or Drivers license)
  • Mandatory use of real pictures everywhere on SFS, which requires your verification photo.

Benefits of SFS KYC Account[edit | edit source]

Out of box, the SFS KYC Account comes with these membership benefits:

  • Membership type: Free
  • Live chat: Disabled
  • Messages to send: 100
  • Photos to upload: 10
  • Gifts to send: 5
  • Expiry: 31days
  • Renewal: Free if the user haven't landed their first client/escort and did not used half of their message quota.

2.Anonymous or VIP Way

With only a username, email and a password required, you can register account on SFS almost as an anonymous. But SFS VIP account isn't free as their KYC account, there's a one-time registration fee of $10 charge to prevent abuse of the service by less worthy individuals.

Benefits of SFS VIP Account[edit | edit source]

Out of box, the SFS VIP Account comes with:

  • Membership type: Free
  • Live chat: Disabled
  • Messages to send: 100
  • Photos to upload: 10
  • Gifts to send: 5
  • Expiry: 31days
  • Renewal: $1/month into the SFS Bronze membership

SFS Membership[edit | edit source]

SFS has four categories of membership: a default free membership category and three paid membership categories called Bronze, Silver and Gold.

SFS Free Membership[edit | edit source]

The SFS Free membership category is inherited by anyone who registers any account on SFS, and it comes out-of-box with the following benefits:

  • Live chat: Disabled
  • Messages to send: 100
  • Photos to upload: 10
  • Gifts to send: 5
  • Expiry: 31days
  • Renewal: Free if the user haven't landed their first client/escort and did not used half of their message quota.

SFS Bronze Membership[edit | edit source]

The SFS Bronze Membership is a paid monthly subscription on SFS. But it's cost only $1/month and comes with the following benefits:

  • Live chat: Enabled
  • Messages to send: 1,000
  • Photos to upload: 15
  • Gifts to send: 10
  • Expiry: 31days
  • Renewal: $1

SFS Silver Membership[edit | edit source]

The SFS Silver Membership is a paid monthly subscription on SFS. But it's cost only $3/month and comes with the following benefits:

  • Live chat: Enabled
  • Messages to send: 3,000
  • Photos to upload: 35
  • Gifts to send: 25
  • Expiry: 31days
  • Renewal: $3

SFS Gold Membership[edit | edit source]

The SFS Gold Membership is a paid monthly subscription on SFS. But it's cost only $5/month and comes with the following benefits:

  • Live chat: Enabled
  • Messages to send: 10,000
  • Photos to upload: 100
  • Gifts to send: 60
  • Expiry: 31days
  • Renewal: $5

Web traffic and ranking[edit | edit source]

As of May 2021, has a domain authority of 15/100, a spam score of 0/100, a domain quality score of 100/100, ranked 3milion by both Alexa and SimilarWeb and receives about 200hits daily.<ref name=domain.auth.checker />

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Around 10:10UTC on October 7, 2021 the popular web hosting company BlueHost Inc. in Utah, United States a subsidary of Endurance International Group in Burlington, Massachusetts 'without any warning' deactivated hosting for SFS on grounds of compliance or violation of their policy on escort websites.<ref name=bh.tos /><ref name=bh.aup /> And prevented the SFS webmasters access to the website files as well as denied the webmaster initial requests to transfer the domain name until more pressure were mounted that almost resulted into legal. Thus, SFS remained offline until October 13 2021 when Hostwinds Inc. had completed its migration onto a LiteSpeed Web Server just outside of Seattle, United States without a data loss.<ref /> By October 14 2021, SFS Domain Name System (DNS) had completely propagated globally hence, the escort website was again accessible to anyone from any part of the world.

But before then, SFS management had already secured a second domain name ( probably as backup for the SFS project.

However, it is yet unclear whether BlueHost recent update of their Terms of Service on August 26 2021 also resulted in an update to their Acceptable Use Policy section, which would have come after SFS or if their current policy on escort websites has always been.

Censorship[edit | edit source] haven't yet been censored by any country or regional network system probably because it's just kicked off.

ServiceCom[edit | edit source]

SFS Service Commission (or ServiceCom for short) is a secure payment relay service on SFS that relays any payment from an SFS Client to the intended SFS Escort bank account. ServiceCom is fraud-proof as it is SFS inhouse service. Infact, ServiceCom aims amongst other things to prevent scam and to give the SFS Client some sense of pay-after-service, as they get a refund from the service if the escort changed her mind or failed to render her service as promised.

Moreover, ServiceCom also help SFS Escorts to easily seal a deal with the client because, with it and with the enforcement of real pics on SFS, there's no more doubt left in the mind of the SFS Client who is serious about hookup.

How ServiceCom Works[edit | edit source]

If now, 'A' is a SFS Client in Lagos and 'B' is a SFS Escort in Benin who agrees to outcall A in Lagos. SFS forbids A wiring any money such as transportation money directly to B on demands. Instead, SFS advised that A should tell B that he(A) would send her(B) transportation money (to and from) to the SFS ServiceCom Commission (ServiceCom) account such that, ServiceCom would then commissioned B to embark on her journey of meeting A in Lagos as secheduled and agreed by both A&B knowing that her(B) transportation money is secured in ServiceCom account.

Now, when B has touched down in Lagos and has seen A, ServiceCom would wire the transportation money that A had sent to B account and the transaction is complete securely. However, if B failed to tranvelled to meet A in Lagos then, ServiceCom would refund A on request 100%, and the transaction is complete.

ServiceCom supported Transactions[edit | edit source]

SFS advises that clients should always use ServiceCom for all transactions that involves wiring money whenever the escort is out of physical reach to help prevent fraud.

ServiceCom Account[edit | edit source]

The ServiceCom account is UBA: 2041373699 for Nigerians or anyone depositing in Naira. You could use PayPal to send money to the ServiceCom UBA account from abroad. But if you preferred to pay with your local currency, you may choose as follows:

PayPal[edit | edit source]

Use PayPal

WebMoney[edit | edit source]

Account number Z030904510602

Payoneer[edit | edit source]

Payoneer USD Account[edit | edit source]

Bank name First Century Bank

Bank address 525 Federal Street Bluefield, WV–Bluefield, USA.

Routing (ABA) 061120084

Account number 4029551710907


  • Use for local bank transfers within the US in USD via the ACH network.

Payoneer GBP Account[edit | edit source]

Bank name Barclays

Sort code 231486

Account number 06425456


  • Use for local bank transfers within the UK in GBP via the BACS or Faster Payments Service network.

Payoneer EUR Account[edit | edit source]

Bank name Wirecard Bank AG

Bank address Einsteinring 35 85609 Aschheim, Germany


IBAN DE91512308006506588262

Bank country Germany


  • Use for local bank transfers within the EU in EUR via the SEPA network.

Local Bank Transfer (Recommended)[edit | edit source]

Account number 2041373699


Enquiry / Complaint[edit | edit source]

  • Email:
  • Text: +2348032569168

ServiceCom charges[edit | edit source]

SFS charges only 10% per ServiceCom assisted transaction. For example, SFS will charge only $2 (N1,000) for a transaction that involves $20 (N10,000).

Note: By SFS standards $1 = N500 or it equivalent in your currency.

SFS Associate Program[edit | edit source]

SFS Associate Program is the affiliate marketing program that’s run by StrangersForSex LLC for Nigerians to popularize the mission of the SFS in other to attracts more qualified sex-workers to join SFS.<ref name=sfs.associate.program />

The program was started in May 2021 and now have about 15 Associates. At the outset, SFS would reward a thousand naira airtime to the associate that registered a regular escort, two thousand naira for a lactating mom escort and five thousand naira for a pregnant escort.

How It Works[edit | edit source]

  • Intending SFS Associates would learn a lot about SFS, especially: what it is, how it works... when satisfied,
  • They would then email the SFS Associate coordinator requesting for their unique referral ID that would make them SFS Associate.
  • After success in obtaining their referral ID, they would begin to introduce SFS to sex workers, call girls or escorts anywhere in the world.
  • When the escort they have introduced to SFS has agreed to join, they would give their referral ID to her to input it where it is asked on the SFS Sex worker KYC Registration Form
  • Upon acceptance of a referrer application to join SFS, the referral (a SFS Associate) is credited within the same hour.

SFS Associate Program Rewards[edit | edit source]

SFS rewards their associates primarily with airtime however, an Associate could choose to received her reward as wire transfer straight into her bank account but she would need to have provided the program coordinator with her account deatails in addition to her phone number.

How To[edit | edit source]

This section summarizes how to do anything on SFS. From how to access SFS website to how to contact an escort (the right way) and how to treat an escort after hookup (best practices).

How to access SFS[edit | edit source]

SFS should be access via Google search so that, if you misspelt the domain name Google would correct you. To further prevent spelling mistakes or someone clicking on the wrong or similar website name in search result: click here to browse SFS.

How to register as a client[edit | edit source]

Click here to fill and submit SFS client registration form.

SFS Registered clients can:

  • Use ServiceCom
  • Review and rate escorts
  • Favourite any escorts
  • Post classified ads.
  • Chat in Naughty Central as a registered user.

How to register as an independent escort[edit | edit source]

File:SFS independent escort registration form.jpg
SFS independent escort registration form

Click here to fill and submit SFS independent escort registration form.

Independent escorts on SFS can:

  • Use ServiceCom
  • Be KYC (verified) and featured on SFS front page and slider for free.
  • Have a SINGLE profile page
  • Add contact information (phone number, email) to their profile
  • Upload upto 9 pics and 3 videos to their profile
  • Add text and shoutout to their profile
  • See how popular their profile is via SFS profile view counter.
  • Add tours information to their profile.
  • Post classified ads.
  • Be advertise in Naughty Central by the SFS Support/Recommendation Team
  • Chat in Naughty Central as a registered user and username would be link to profile page.

How to register as a VIP (premium escort)[edit | edit source]

Click here to fill and submit SFS VIP (premium escort) registration form.

VIPs (Premium Escorts) on SFS can:

  • Decide not to upload any pics to their profile
  • Use a facade on their real pics
  • Be manage by the SFS Escort Agency (SFS EA) or the PIMP Department for $10/month.
  • Use ServiceCom
  • Be KYC (verified) and featured on SFS front page and slider for free.
  • Have a SINGLE profile page
  • Be contacted only when an intended client has demonstrated seriousness by way of a $10 commitement to ServiceCom
  • Upload upto 9 pics and 3 videos to their profile
  • Add text and shoutout to their profile
  • See how popular their profile is via SFS profile view counter.
  • Add tours information to their profile.
  • Post classified ads via their agency or PIMP.
  • Be advertise in Naughty Central by the SFS Support/Recommendation Team.

How to register an escort agency on SFS[edit | edit source]

How to contact an escort (the right way)[edit | edit source]

Hello Bella,

I saw you on SFS and I'd like to hookup with you tomorrow.

Can I call you by 7pm today so that we can fix an appointment?

Thank you.

  • Call the escort by that time you had indicated in your text or chat if s/he haven't replied.
  • If number doesn't ring after many tries, write the escort a review to correct her phone number.

How to repond to potential clients (the right way)[edit | edit source]

  • May I please know if it is hookup that you want with me or sex video chat, others?
  • May I please know when you'd like to hookup with me?
  • May I please know if you understood my charges?
  • May I please know your location?
  • May I please know if you would like to come to my city or wants me to come to yours?
  • May I know if you can trust me to send my transport money directly to me or would like to use ServiceCom instead?
  • May I know how long you would need me around?
  • I would be available for hookup with you on (date). May I please know if that's okay with you?
  • I will commence my journey to our agreed meeting venue when I have been commissioned by ServiceCom to do so - that's when they have told me to go ahead because you have deposited my transportation money. Are you ok with that?
  • I would give you a discount or extra if you write me a good review on SFS: Deal?
  • It was nice talking to you mr/miss. See you soon. Thanks for calling.
  • It was nice talking to you mr/miss. Unfortunately I cannot accept your offer, but maybe my friend can if you want or you may checkout another escort. Thanks for reaching out.
  • It was nice talking to you mr/miss.

How to treat an escort after hookup (best practices)[edit | edit source]

  • Write the escort an honest testimonial (review)
  • Favourite the escort
  • Delete the escort number on your phone.

See Also[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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