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You can monetize your articles on Wikiafripedia without paying commission. Here's how it works:

  1. You published an article on Wikiafripedia
  2. You submit your ad code for review and your code is implemented on Wikiafripedia once and you are shown how to call it to show ads anywhere in your articles
  3. You placed ads in your article and you earn revenue from the Web traffic that are landing on all your articles that have ad in them.

To begin...

  1. You will need to register an account on Wikiafripedia
  2. You need an advertising account, you can signup for Amazon Associate
  3. You will need to know about Wikiafripedia:Core content policies
  4. You will need to be able to write like this, this, this or this.

When your article is ready - Get started

If you have something to say - speak your mind

Frequently Asked Questions[edit source | edit]

How Much Traffic Do Pages on Wikiafripedia Receives?

Go to Special:PopularPages and find out. If the page you wanted to view its hitcount isn't listed there, check on the individual page footer area - it's there. However, note that Wikiafripedia HitCounters was turned ON for the first time on January 9, 2021 at 12:17UTC to aid this campaign. Any views before then is lost because the ability for older web pages to record hit wasn't implemented before that time.

If I copied a page from another website to exterminate red-link in my article on Wikiafripedia, can I monetize it?

No. Presently, copied pages are not even indexable on Wikiafripedia, but might be in the future, yet, you will not be allowed to monetize their traffic. To do that, you would need to either create your own article on the subject or rewrite the copied article in your own words.

Can anyone still edit and improve my article but only me as the author is eligible for monetizing it?

Yes, but if someone add 'an extensive new section' to your article, that person is eligible to monetize that section with her ad code if she wants, but if she has not indicated interest, you don't have to obtained consent from her to monetize that section.

Can Wikiafripedia provide me with an ad account if I don't have and still not pay them commission on earning?

Yes. You can apply here

Does Wikiafripedia charged a commission on earning like YouTube?


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