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You have probably already edited blogs or social media sites. But, if you have not done any Wikipedia editing, please keep the following in mind: Wikiafripedia is an encyclopedia, and our mission is to share accepted knowledge to benefit people who want to learn.

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About[edit source | edit]

Wikiafripedia is a general purpose free-online encyclopedia project, that was founded in 2019 to attract poor writers, people who writes for benefits/profits (bloggers), to encourage/reward volunteer editors financially and to build a database of Scholars Original Research that's freely accessible to anyone in perpetuity.

Since the goal of the project is not to make profit for itself, its operations were taken over by the nonprofit Wikiafrimedia Foundation in 2020.

Today the foundation is calling on writers/bloggers like you to contribute to Wikiafripedia for what it represent or for the following reasons:

Why Wikiafripedia?

In a nutshell
Wikiafripedia preserves the benefits that a blog owner like you is deriving from sharing knowledge to your blog like monetization plus, You will never walk alone.

Wikiafripedia is founded on a simple but powerful principle that: #together we will do more than any of us can.

The Afripedian community is a family of people passionate about making a lasting positive impact online—from fixing typos in articles to removing red-links in them to helping keep them updated, to inter-linking them with other articles, to sharing articles and even making Wiki Magic happened.

The community is the greatest asset of You/Wikiafripedia.

  1. Monetization The goal of most writers/bloggers is to monetize their contents and earn revenue from it. Many have achieved this through advertising. But there're not many successful bloggers out there because of the financial commitments in running a website like the monthly renewal of hosting and domain name, which takes away hugely from their revenue. And running a website is known to be time consuming like trading forex whether it's a successful website or yet to be, which is likely to have an impact on your real life.
    Whereas Wikiafripedia is free to publish to and monetize from, through advertising. The Wikiafrimedia Foundation supports the project financial, as such, you need not worry about any financial commitments.
    Think of Wikiafripedia as a YouTube where YouTubers earn revenue from their contents without any financial obligation. However, Wikiafripedia does not take a percentage from your revenue as YouTube does. In fact, Wikiafripedia would not know your revenue status since you can monetize with your personal advertising account.
  2. Web Traffic The number of visitors to a website for a given amount of time is the web/website traffic. This is important because it directly influenced the successes of people monetizing in that website. For example, if you were allowed to place an ad on a Wikipedia article the same time you placed the same ad on a similar article on Wikiafripedia. You will make more money from the Wikipedia article because Wikipedia has more traffic than us, and the reason is because, Wikipedia's articles are heavily referenced by a lot of website much more than Wikiafripedia because, Wikipedia has existed since 2001.
    But we can improve this for Wikiafripedia in a short time than it took Wikipedia by making a habit of sharing your articles to reach more and more people and keeping these articles updated. Like the YouTuber, this is the attitude you should adopt towards your contents.
    The good news is that, you're not alone. Let's say, today 3M people visited Wikiafripedia and they're aware of these little "build Wikiafripedia" task and completed it, tomorrow we will have twice today's traffic if at least one new person click on each of the link they shared. And if at least 1% of that traffic reference our articles, that will strengthen Wikiafripedia, bringing more revenue to your ads campaigns.
  3. Wiki Magic Our publishers have the benefits of Wiki Magic. According to Ben Kovitz, Wiki Magic is "the mysterious process by which communities with common interests work to improve wiki pages by incremental contributions".
    Godman Andrew (Wikiafripedia founder) described Wiki Magic as a phenomenon whereby an author may write the beginnings of an article at the end of the day, only to wake up in the morning and find the stub converted into a much more substantial article. This is one of the reasons people are willing to contribute to Wiki-base websites with or without an incentive.
    On Wikiafripedia, you don't have to write an entire article all be yourself before earning the right to monetize it, what is important is that you started one substantially enough in good faith.
  4. Wikiafripedia:Policies and guidelines Today, whether the content of a website will be taken seriously by its users or not is based on what people know of their editorial policies; it is what set for example BBC apart from all the others.
    Wikiafripedia possesses strong, tested, and trusted editorial policies that would guide you step by step to graft the perfect encyclopedic contents for your audience as well as contents that would stand SEO test.
    You should pay due attention to Wikiafripedia:Core content policies and Wikiafripedia:Seven pillars to get a feel of it.

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Original Research[edit source | edit]

Original Research sample.jpg

A general purpose encyclopedia like Wikiafripedia covers topics from all field of studies. There's no restrictions to the knowledge that you can share here as long as you cite sources and not used promotional tone. Yet we accept Original Research not in the encyclopedia mainspace as they would not fit-well there based on Wikiafripedia:Core content policies.

Since Original Research is part of scholarly work and Wikiafripedia wants to make it freely accessible as a learning point to upcoming researchers in their respective field of studies. Scholars can Copywrite their research on Wikiafripedia into the Original Research or scholar namespaces within the project.

If you are a scholar, or if you still have your research project, thesis or dissertation work with you. You could Copywrite it on Wikiafripedia for the same terms. That way, you will be able to find-out if Wikiafripedia works for you, maybe before undertaking to write an article.

But writing an article is not the same as CopyWriting your research, and many people especially those in poor countries might hoard knowledge if there's no incentive to stimulate their interest in sharing them, as it can take a bit of ones time especially when following a certain sharing rules like the one set forth on Wikiafripedia in other to make the shared knowledge more clearer to readers. That's why Wikiafripedia has promised all authors of articles/Original Research a lifetime monetization of their contents by themselves, mostly through display advertising like the ones you've seen on this page. That's, the Wikiafrimedia Foundation only host these contents; the Wikiafripedia community which is made up of editors like you—developed and enforces Wikiafripedia:Policies and guidelines that helps guides the project to its vision.

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Too good to be true[edit source | edit]

Well, It's not that simple!

Although, Wikiafripedia is founded on a simple, but powerful principle that Mandela has advanced:

'we can do more together than any of us can do alone.' And more so if within what we are doing there's a chance that it can also support our livelihood in someway while educating us.

A lot of ventures like YouTube are built on this principle but not all YouTubers are successful. The key to emerging successful in schemes like this is to begin early and grow with the project.

At Wikiafripedia that means, we can achieve any goal we set for ourselves if editors are willing to do their best for their contents now, and when that happens Wikiafripedia will become as strong as the other encyclopedias you know which does not allowed you to earn revenue from your articles, which is crucial because, the stronger Wikiafripedia is, the more your revenue; and the key to makings that happened is in sharing your contents and keeping them updated.

What you should expect[edit source | edit]

You should expect to:

  1. Signup, confirmed you email, make at least three edits to existing articles (e.g fixing typos) and start writing your articles
  2. Submit your advertising code to an administrator to implement it on Wikiafripedia and to demonstrate to you how to call it to show ads anywhere on contents you authored.
    If you don't have a advertising account? Talk to an admin.
  3. Tell people about your articles (share your articles daily)
  4. Maintain your articles (keep it updated)

Useful links[edit source | edit]

Miscellaneous[edit source | edit]

Afripedians have real control over search engine indexing as well as the advertising displays on their articles. In other words, ads are display within an article where it author says it should, based on an understanding of Wikiafripedia:Ad policies; this control is important in order to preserve the positive readers experience from when Wikiafripedia was ad-free.

Afripedians are encouraged to help their traffic by sharing their content, as they would for their personal blog. If a blogger can do it, how much more a community of it? Look around the internet, how many sole-proprietary website outperformed their community counterpart?

You are in the right place, do the right thing first, and the good things here will follow you.

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