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Tables are a way of presenting information in rows and columns. They can be useful for a variety of content presentations on Wikiafripedia, but should be used only when appropriate; sometimes the information in a table may be better presented as prose paragraphs or as an embedded list.

Avoid referring to tables as being located on the left or right of a display page. Placement is different for viewers of the mobile versions of Wikiafripedia, and is meaningless to people having pages read to them by assistive software. Instead, use captions to identify tables.

Formatting[edit source | edit]

It is recommended that wikitables be used in place of HTML tables, as they are easier to customize and maintain. A standard "wikitable style" is available, by adding class="wikitable" to the top row of the table. The powerful and useful sorting feature can be enabled by adding class="sortable" to the top row. Extreme caution should be applied if rowspan or colspan is used. It is also possible to combine classes, as in class="wikitable sortable".

Captions and headers[edit source | edit]

Table captions and column and row headers should be succinct and self explanatory. In most cases, individual words or sentence fragments should be used, and thus articles (a, an, the) and sentence-ending punctuation are unnecessary. Only the first word in the caption or header should be capitalized (except for proper nouns), in keeping with Wikiafripedia's conventions for capital letters. In some rare cases, judicious use of soft hyphens may be helpful