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To all our readers. This is the first time we've asked, so we will get straight to the point:
Encyclopedia icon.svg Today, we need you to create an article to grow the knowledge base of Wikiafripedia
90% of our readers don't write; they simply look the other way. If you are an exceptional reader who have already written, we sincerely thank you.

If everyone reading this write at least an article, we could augment the knowledge based of the world that's freely accessible to anyone and keep Wikiafripedia thriving for years. A bit of your time is all we need, it's a little awkward for us to ask you this Today, as we are sure you are busy and we don't mean to interrupt you.

Scale icon green.svg People think we will regret making Wikiafripedia a non-profit and sharing revenue with authors
But Wikiafripedia is a place to encourage learning, not a place to tax people. It unites all of us who love knowledge: contributors, readers, the donors and advertisers who keep us thriving. Show the world that all the knowledge and experience it afforded you to live your life matters by adding also your light to it in the form of a well sourced neutral article in the area that you have knowledge and access to the information so that another person may learn from you.

We know most people will want to ignore this message, and that it can be tricky to make a contribution to even a course you believed in without the right resources, as one cannot give what she does not have. That's why we want to share with you our advertising revenue.

Jigsaw piece yellow 01.svg 💯% revenue sharing with article creators
There will be no deduction in your earnings, for each article you create (100%) and this terms is only subject to review every ten years since 2019. We wouldn't even know how much you're earning from your preferred advertisers for the Wikiafripedia article you created as that's only known to you, we can only guess if we look at the performance of the article; our work is to help implement your ads codes securely. Your earnings progress largely depends on the number of articles you've created (the more the better) and the level of publicity you've given to each of them, as we enforced strict contents quality and SEO globally.
Smiley icon orange.svg Applying for revenue sharing
If this is your first time, ensure you have created a good encyclopedia article before applying for this program. We encourage you to adhere to the Wikiafripedia manual of style when creating an article.

If you have adhered to the instructions, you may Apply here.

Light bulb icon red.svg Notwithstanding...
We know that people will still ignore this message, and that it can be tricky to make time to contribute what you know for the benefits of others. But our hope is that you will think about how valuable it is to have access to a source of free, open knowledge that would Keep giving you money. This is the first feature that distinguished Wikiafripedia from other encyclopedias.

If Wikiafripedia have provided you valued worth of knowledge/information this year, please take time out of your busy schedule to contribute to it growth. It is NOT money we ask but that you contribute your knowledge or technical expertise to help make free from copyright educational resources available and accessible to all in abundance. Imagine a world where everyone can freely share in the sum of all knowledge? That's our mission, our vision statement.

In a nutshell

Hello there!

Wikiafripedia encourages you to make a contribution today towards a win-win end of growing the encyclopedia and empowering yourself.

You will be able to monetize articles you've created for an undeductable (💯%) revenue to you and you alone. What else are you waiting for?


-Godman Andrew (talk) 08:56, 27 August 2020 (MDT)

Wikiafripedia:Why us?

Why Wikiafripedia?
  1. Freedom – you are free from the burden of having to pay for hosting your content on the internet and maintenance. Also free to choosing your preferred advertising network to monetize your content.
  2. Empowering – The only online encyclopedia that empowers all of its authors with a 💯% revenue share to encourage contributions, and as appreciation for their time and resources.
  3. Privacy – No one except you will know how much you're making for placing ads on your Wikiafripedia article because, you alone control your advertising account on your preferred ads network.
  4. Wiki magic – You can start an article on Wikiafripedia in the evening, but wake up to see it complete in the morning, thanks to the efforts of other contributors like you, now you can monetize it, because you started it.
  5. Strong editorial guidelines – Our guidelines which is strictly enforced is meant to help you to create high quality, well-sourced, neutrally written article that would stand the test of SEO
  6. Wiki link – Helps you connect readers to your existing article by placing wiki links on existing pages when editing.
  7. Occasional content promotion – Part of our mission is to empower and encourage people to collect and developed educational content, published it under a free license or dedicate it to the public domain and to distribute this contents effectively and globally free of charge in perpetuity, so we care about your content reach. But as stated here, we advise authors to work on their content reach than wait, after all, it's a win-win for all.
  8. Non-Profit – Wikiafripedia is a free online afripedia (an encyclopedia) that's created and edited by volunteers around the world and supported by the Wikiafrimedia foundation.

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