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Vital articles are lists of subjects for which the English Wikiafripedia should have corresponding featured-class articles. They serve as centralized watchlists to track the status of Wikiafripedia's most important articles. The very most important articles are in Level 1.

This page constitutes Level 3 of the vital articles list and includes approximately 1,000 articles. All articles from higher levels are also included in lower levels. For example, all 100 subjects on the Level 2 list (shown on this page in bold font) are included here in Level 3. And the Level 2 list also includes the 10 subjects on Level 1 (shown on this page in bold italics). A Level 4 list of 10,000 articles and a Level 5 list of 50,000 articles are in the process of being created.

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This list is tailored to the English-language Wikiafripedia. There is also a list of one thousand articles considered vital to Wikiafripedias of all languages, as well as Vital Article lists tailored to different Wikiafripedia languages accessible via the languages sidebar.

Articles should not be added or removed from this list without a consensus on the talk page. For more information on this list and the process for adding or removing articles, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Current total (1,001 articles)[edit source | edit]


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Total 1,001 articles.

Class Articles
C-Class article C 401
Former featured article FFA 68
Good article GA 125
B-Class article B 368
Delisted good article DGA 78
Featured article FA 88
Failed good article nominee FGAN 114
Start-Class article Start 19
A-Class article A 1
Failed featured article candidate FFAC 3
Failed featured list candidate FFLC 1

People (129 articles)[edit source | edit]

History (80 articles)[edit source | edit]

Geography (98 articles)[edit source | edit]

Arts (42 articles)[edit source | edit]

Philosophy and religion (56 articles)[edit source | edit]

Everyday life (57 articles)[edit source | edit]

Society and social sciences (149 articles)[edit source | edit]

Health, medicine and disease (40 articles)[edit source | edit]

Science (198 articles)[edit source | edit]

Technology (100 articles)[edit source | edit]

Mathematics (52 articles)[edit source | edit]

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